Young Justice Failed Nightwing

Young Justice Failed it’s characters. I think Nightwing was arguably done the most dirty. Perhaps Superboy but at least he had some character arc. Nightwing is an exposition mouth piece.

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22 thoughts on “Young Justice Failed Nightwing

  1. I'll tell you that YJ started off with such promise and the first season was perfect as far as I'm concerned! The problems started when there were numerous time skips; we never got to see more of the original team and watch them grow (as Rocket and Zatanna were just added towards the end of the first season) and perhaps more people added and departing over season 2 and 3. Instead, some exec I'm sure insisted on these changes. Time skips took away proper motivation and growth, then more woke garbage was added in Season 3 then going off world to Mars in Season 4 with occasional tosses to Beast Boy's depression issues, Rocket's son's autism issues, and Superboy ending up in the Phantom Zone. I found it harder to watch as time went on. I want the old YJ back!

  2. I think Nightwing #30 and the conflict of that issue highlights a ton of what you need to know about him. The trust of the hero’s closest friends and family will always be first on his mind but at the end of the day, if there’s more at stake, if there are others on the line that need him… he’s willing to put himself aside to help out, to do most of whatever it takes. Even tapping into his more Batman traits that ye, too many fans forget he has, which is why he’s called the nicer Batman I feel like or Batman-lite, Batboy. His hope and optimism will find a way for him to keep his morals and beliefs. I just love the New 52’s “Grayson” run. That scene with agent 8, although how she could’ve been handled possibly could’ve been better, is still in my head “You superheroes will use arrows, bombs, swords but god forbid using a gun!” “That’s not how I fight.”. DC needs to make that run a series, not forgotten.

    I do like that they leaned into more of his investigative side since a ton of DC writers and projects through out the years have erased that… but this is an example of leaning into it too much and not enough on him. He deserves his own spin-off series… another thing… I heard somewhere that Blüdhaven is a district in GOTHAM in this series and not it’s own individual city. Smh smh

  3. Ok so its kind of topic but do u plan to do a Q&A type of video some day? I think it could be great! Ok now its in topic, i gotta say that young justice didnt do nightwing well bcuz his character didnt had enough time to be more fleshed out, thats one of the biggest reasons on why nightwing wasnt done as good as he is in comic books ( at least imo), i also think that u make great videos and hope for more dc related videos in future!

    P.S. A video from u focused on the entire batman knightfall saga that is at least imo the best story ever told would be great to see 👀 at least imo. And yes, ik that i say "at least imo" too much in this comment 😂, anyway, keep up the good work and have a great day!

  4. I think the worst fail for Young Justice season 3 was what they did to Artemis at the end of season 3.

    Miss Martian, Zatanna and Rocket (Artemis's three friends) literally use magic to manipulate Artemis into moving on from her deceased boyfriend/fiance.

    They literally take advantage of Artemis's weakened state of mind just to manipulate her into moving on from her guilt.

    Literally doing what a super villain would do.

    YJ S2 was all about Miss Martian learning the consequences of abusing her own powers on people. IShe lost her boyfriend. She lost the trust of her own team. What she did to Superboy was unforgivable.

    She had to spend the entire previous season learning from her past actions of abusing her powers.

  5. Nightwing in S3 seems like he is manipulating and taking advantage of three metalhuman teens… who originally didn't even want to become superheroes.

    He immediately recruits them for a new team as opposed to helping them control their powers/abilities and hopefully rejoin society.

    He also manipulates his teammates once again… as if learning nothing from the previous season.

  6. Nightwing in S3 even when he tries to mentor and teach it never lasts long. We only get a few episodes of Grayson interacting with all three and it's never enough time. He always rushes off to do his own thing and doesn't even try to teach or mentor the three metahuman teens.

    It also feels incredibly out of character for Nightwing to create a new team… Especially after the loss of Wally in S2.

    Like he immediately wants to recruit them for a new team rather than try to help them control their powers and rejoin society as civilians.

    Nightwing in S3 comes across as using and manipulating three metahuman teens for his own benefit.

  7. I don't know which version of Nightwing is a worst teacher/mentor

    Titans or Young Justice S3?

    I would say YJ S3 as he barely interacts with the three and always runs off. He never takes time to get to know all three of them.

    He doesn't even feel a sense of guilt or remorse at GeoForce's actions at the end of S3. No sense that he failed him (like Bruce failed Jason) and no sense that he was responsible for GeoForce's fall.

    Nightwing doesn't even make a conscious decision at trying to reason with or help GeoForce.

  8. No version. No variant of Nightwing in the entire DC multiverse has ever turned away someone's hand in need for help… Especially on the run metahuman teenagers.

    That moment 14:21
    Was the worst character assassination i have ever seen.

    Nightwing is a terrible mentor and teacher for the new team as he barely interacts with them as individuals.

    Conor and Artemis were the only ones teaching and mentoring Forager, Halo and GeoForce in S3.

  9. I'm currently reading some team books with young superheroes/ legacy characters one of them is JSA and Superboy and I want to know which is a better read, and I also plan on reading the old hellblazer books john constitine is a character that I always enjoy seeing but never got into reading, great video 😊

  10. That's what happens when you give to much screen time to boring characters like Violet, Brion, Terra and Forager in Young Justice. He was also ruined in Titans they made him nothing like Comic Nightwing. Having him act like his mentor brooding and being edgy. Dick is one of the best characters in DC Comics history which is what Titans tried to ruin with it's portrayal of Nightwing.

  11. It also continues the uncomfortable trend of sexualizing Nightwing. “Hurr Hurr, he slept with most of the women on the team!”. I’m sorry, but after the that god awful tarantula story I don’t feel comfortable with these…

  12. Another nice Video miss!….
    The main two issues with all the characters in young justice…..apart from my repeated arguments that they're doing a world of DC show… that the cast is too bloody bloated and they're too in love with Miss Martian who might as well be the MC /fanfiction oc.

  13. I remember reading somewhere originally they wanted to make another jl cartoon but weren't allowed by wb so hearing dick is just a batman stand In puts more weight to that statement

  14. I can't think of an animated show/movie in recent years that's done Dick Grayson justice. As a Dick Grayson Lover since I was like seven it really saddens me.