Yakuza Kiwami 2 Highlights | July & August 2020

Edited by Light:
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37 thoughts on “Yakuza Kiwami 2 Highlights | July & August 2020

  1. Glad I get to experience that Makoto moment again after all this time. So emotional and Ray really feeling it too. I may have initially heard about the series from the Best Friends, but watching him go through the games is what got me hooked and I always look forward to any RGG game that Ray plays through

  2. Watching this just makes me really hope that Sayama comes back in Yakuza 8. I know she almost definitely won't, given how absent she's been from the games, but I continue to hope

  3. 1:18:23 There's something poetic about the fact that, even though Ray has no concept of Ono Michiyo at this point, the first this he says when it comes on screen is still "O no"

  4. dude the flashbacks in the game are like the ones in the Saw movies, every time you go back to one the camera pans out just a little more to reveal another character was there the entire time

  5. When I first played this and got to the scene with Majima defusing the bomb, for some reason I expected him to just BITE through the last wire. I couldn't begin to tell you WHY I thought he'd do that, I just did

  6. Light, I must say that you do the Lord's work. While I intended one day to watch alot of Rays VODS here on Youtube, you really know how to put together a highlight. Still waiting on the Ratchet and Clank series one/s, but I know that it takes time.

  7. Now this makes me want to rerun through the Yakuza series. Started it in beginning of 2020, ending with 7 almost exactly a year after I had started the series. Cool games. Getting the platinum for them is a bitch that I gave up on.

  8. "That better not say I'm the Chairman again."

    Shoutout to Light for putting together this monster highlight. And to Gael for the awesome thumbnail. 😁

  9. I loved this game nearly the most. My only complaints were the limiting combat and the anti-aliasing (at least on PC it was horrible) but I'm glad they kept up with the Dragon Engine since I personally like it more than the Ishin game using UE4 and games like the Judgement games and Like a Dragon look amazing.