Xefer x Muza – Jhumka (Official Music Video)

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Sung By – Xefer & Muza
Produced By – Muza
Written By – Shibu, Xefer & Muza
Mixed & Mastered By – R.Cha

Dance Choreo : Ridy Sheikh
Dancers: Esha, Ethila, Aski, Faiza, Joya, Tisa
Costume: Meher by Samina Sara, Xefer and Jimmy
MUA: Nadim Pranto
Line Producer : Mir Abdullah Al Makki
AD : Mir Abdullah Al Makki / Farhan Masud Dipto
Director : Partho Sheikh
Dop : Zahede Shams
Art Director : Sojib hosen
Production Manager : Mohit Ahmed
Cast and Costume Supervisor: Janifar Jerin

#Muza #Xefer #RidySheikh #Jhumka

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