Wonder Woman’s Daughter Trinity Is A “Girlboss”?

2023 saw the Dawn Of DC at DC Comics. Across the line titles were relaunched, new characters introduced, status quos shaken. Wonder Woman reached issue 800 and was set to begin a new era with a new #,1 and new creative team. Tom King and Daniel Sampere take on Diana Prince for a new dawn and that also includes some new characters. Wonder Woman has a daughter…again. This time her name is Trinity or Elizabeth Marston Prince. She was created in part to compliment the Supersons, and she is the best at all the things, and that’s a quote. Does Trinity stick the landing of her first appearance? Is she a girlboss? We discuss here on Casually Comics!

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32 thoughts on “Wonder Woman’s Daughter Trinity Is A “Girlboss”?

  1. Honestly I’m super excited for this new concept. I wonder how the older wonder girls will be introduced (hopefully). I’m also very curious about who trinity’s dad is because this personality must be from him😂

  2. I can see tiny nuggets of interesting character features and traits here, but damn is it gonna be an uphill battle to make this character likeable 😬 I'll admit that I'm not the most well versed in the lore of Womder Woman and her supporting cast, but she does have characters that are interesting and have somewhat stood the test of time and I was frankly enjoying Yara and willing to see her join that lineup. But so far, Trinity doesn't give me that same impression at all, she feels more like someone that I'd need to see better writers come in and redeem before I could accept her as being worth keeping around (and yes I did just imply Tom King is not a good writer because seriously his track record is looking worse all the time)

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  4. Tom King going into writing a Wonder Woman book with the mentality that she “isn’t worthy” makes me nope out of a Wondy written by him so hard.

    She is worthy. She’s been worthy. She’s just had shitty writers in this modern age.

  5. I really like the idea of Trinity and her treating the Damian and John as brothers is exactly what I'd want, but if they want to keep her kinda abrasive and very sassy attitude she needs to fail occasionally to make her relatable enough to root for. Kinda like asokah in starwars

  6. Frankly, I hope it works, but this is Damian Wayne levels of cringe and I think I'll wait till the run finishes before I comment on my opinion. Tom King I tend to like, so… Very cautious optimism on a middling beginning.

  7. I found two fun ways to read her and that's in a snarky endearing tone of Merrin of Star Wars or confident bolstering like Marisa from Street Fighter.

  8. I miss the days where authors and publishers weren't trying to hit a checklist with their characters and stories and instead just tried to write good characters and stories

  9. A Terrence Hill reference! Oh my god😮 I mean… Yeah the character is kinda boring. The same arrogant legacy/sidekick we always get with dc. Damian, clone superboy, Yara, wildcat. Its like every 5 years they make a legacy character but now he/she is an ass! Arent that new and hip?

  10. I was hooked at first, and then Trinity started talking and all my interest vanished. It would have been so much better with Yara, or maybe Artemis. She feels more like an accumulation of references and tropes than a though out character. I don't see her lasting if she stays the same.

  11. "She wasn't another Wonder Woman, she was something new." Lol what now? So, she's the daughter of Diana, who's apart if the original DC Trinity. She, named Trinity, joins a due that consists of a Batman and a Superman, to complete a new DC Trinity, wearing a suit that was made for Diana but never used. All of this and has not one lasso, like Diana, but three with some familiar looking armor and a tiara. Besides the additional lassos and with the attitude of already being the "bestest ever", how is she not another Wonder Woman?

  12. Sasha clearly sees through the BS in this and most of todays comics but it amazes me how nicely she can still allude to it…nice to see some of that filter come off here lol

    Also YES to calling it "Korra energy". Id never seen a character like her before that show and havent stopped seeing characters like her since 🤦🏾‍♂️

  13. I hate her. I hated the way she looked from the moment that I saw her, I hate the costume design, I hate the choice of colors, and I absolutely hate her hair, and now that we’ve read the book, or at least her main talk bubbles, the way her personality is written is like garbage as well. Diana is the one and only wonder woman. The only reason wonder girl worked at all was because she was mimicking. Wonder woman. That’s what Sidekicks do. I don’t know why they can’t come up with a good one for Diana whether it be a sidekick or a daughter. But this is not resonating as wonder woman with me in any way, shape or form.😐

  14. I respect Tom King for what he did to serve my country. I enjoy his indie works. I just don't really like his work with established IP's. His Batman run was the worst I've seen in a long time. This comic just cemented that sentiment.

  15. I just think writers suck now. They insert themselves into characters even when it's established that that's not how they behave. The characters are not you or the people you hate. This is why I switched to Image. Saga, Chew, Snotgirl, and Alex + Ada are my favorites. None of them are super woke or super 1488 maga. They're just great stories. That's all us readers really want is great stories and art.