Wonder Woman Betrays The Justice League And Kills Each Member

Title: Wonder Woman Betrays The Justice League And Kills Each Member

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33 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Betrays The Justice League And Kills Each Member

  1. Flash is the worst hero i don't like in my opinion because he is the reason why he goes back to the past to make the future worst. He made the apocalypse war and so on ect then made a real apocalypse of zombies. I love DC but Flash shouldn't exist in the comics, anime and movie

  2. Bro I really hate how much the keep nerfing Flash. The guy moves sooo fast it looks as though everyone stops moving, so he can more than take out a few guys with little effort

  3. I believe the movies could have used a story like this to make the flash immature to mature.
    But instead they kept Ezra (drug a teenage girl) Miller and I want nothing to do with that.