What Happened To Keaton Batman Between Batman (1989) Movie And The Flash (2023) Film – Explored!

What Happened To Keaton Batman Between Batman (1989) Movie And The Flash (2023) Film – Explored!
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39 thoughts on “What Happened To Keaton Batman Between Batman (1989) Movie And The Flash (2023) Film – Explored!

  1. I apologize for not realizing sooner that this channel is made up of multiple people from multiple continents and now makes sense how you’re able to post videos almost every other day!!! This is truly a beautiful thing multiple people coming together to talk about something that are truly interested in and analyzing every single detail of it! I salute you!!!

  2. the flash movie is NOT canon, to burtonverse. CW's crisis on infinite earth is canon to burtonverse that brought back actors from batman 89 film like Robert Wuhl as Alexander Knox and showed a newspaper photo of Bruce and Selina being married bcuz in batman returns he showed that he cared deeply for her even during selina's dark path of vengeance "don't u see we're the same, split down in the center" i like to believe that they went back to dating when she showed up and that keaton's bruce wayne is trying to help her choose a better path. batman '89 comics isn't canon bcuz it uses rumors and ideas as source to create that comic and i don't like the interactions between batman and catwoman it just didn't feel like what either characters would say, it just feels off when reading it. t don't consider the flash canon bcuz it said it was keaton's fate is to die to zod, that also bothered me when the movie said that shit, and made no mention of everything that was leading up to that movie they could've use parts of batman 89 comic and other the movie batman burtonverse tie in comics like Batman Movie Adaptation

    by Dennis O'Neil and etc. so much material to pull from and built around but that movie didn't show and didn't mention anything he's just there no mentions of crisis of infinite earth or anything and his bruce wayne introduction with long grey hair it also didn't feel like my batman that i grew up with until he put on the suit and see how much he's evolved since '92 with new tech suits that was cool. but i would rather see him in batman beyond and i don't nt burton/keaton batman to be remembered by being in this trash. the flash movie damaged his legacy by just being attached to it and snyderverse/DCEU bcuz that was already messy. i really want keaton to get a proper sendoff in a batman beyond movie with Thomas Doherty as terry mcginnis.

  3. Michael Keaton was the only reason I was interested in the Flash and Batgirl films. Batgirl not released because it's supposed to be so bad despite it being finished and Flash didn't live up to the hype. None of it Keaton's fault and would probably work better in Batman Beyond though I read they have no plans to make it.

  4. I love Burton's Batman. And I was excited about the Batman 89 comic. But it absolutely sucked. I do not recommend it. The Flash movie however, I definitely recommend. Keaton was fantastic.

  5. Everything you said was 10000% accurate. I was so disappointed and done by the end of this movie. It’s really baffling how hard The Creeper has fallen. This movie was awful in every way imaginable lol

  6. I still don't think the two are the same universe. Sure there are a lot of similarities but to much is different, the bat cave is different and I just don't imagining the movie that saved Batman for a lot of people happening because of Ezra Miller going back in time and the world just blowing up in the end. Crisis kinda confirms this saying Batman 89 is on Earth 89 so it similar Batman and Batman returns might have happened on both Earths but I still think they are different

  7. Your theory is wrong. He didnt create the burton verse. It was already there. But, the batman we see on screen is a branched off version, veering off the burton verse into a new unknown timeline. Ezra's punk ass did not make keatons batman.

  8. Dude I got chills when I saw him fighting like he was. Plus when he’s soaring down in the moonlight out of the batwing while his theme player was amazing.

  9. This version of Keaton Batman in the flash is a variant. He is not the same one in Batman 89 and returns 92…, that one is still alive in the Burton’s universe with Nic Cage Superman

    Our Batman 89 is still safe and sound

  10. Every time someone says “this Batman series is too dark, let’s make it more light hearted” they screw it up and add stupid jokes like “the avengers”. Don’t forget “Batman & Robin” with all the homoeurotic close ups with the armor. Just like “Batman VS Superman” they said was to dark so they scraped the Synderverse and made justice league with cringe humor and picking the groomer flash who acts like he’s on coke. I usefully don’t comment about superhero’s as I’m sick to death of marvel and all superhero movies as they are all the same and a waste of time but I actually like DC.

  11. I wish other solo movie of Batman starring by Michael Keaton as Batman again, but without the presence of the Flash of Ezra Miller, without Terry Mcginnies and without this batgirl of leslie grace 👎🏻 only Keaton as Batman, only this. And also I wish than incluide the return of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, Chris O'Donnell as Nightwing and Alicia Silverstone as Oracle. And as new characters I wish to Samara Weaving as Helena and to Dylan O'Brien as a misterious character.

  12. I love how Batman 89 made Gotham the safest place to live on earth. This is probably the first time Bruce Wayne was successful at saving Gotham. This makes him (arguably) the best Batman

  13. Unfortunately, Michael Keaton is done playing Batman now that the flash is over, but I’m sure he will still and always be remembered as the caped crusader

  14. I feel like it’s wayyyy too late in the game anyways for this return of the 89’ Batman. Remember Birdman? It’s over, but they just do it anyways, late as hell. The Elvis movie is another one…😂

  15. Your wrong because they'res evidence that Superman and Super Girl exist in that universe probably they're no Justice League but acoording to DC timeline informatio the earth that this 3 hero exist is 789 earth and the Superman exist is the Christopher Reeve so probably the movie is so wrong to even make Keaton Batman the only one to exist when in that timeline he is from Christopher Reeve Superman but probably they never meet thats why he never talk or refer to another Hero.

  16. Lol robin looks like marlon wayans. That’s dope. I wonder if he’s read or heard about it. He would’ve been a terrible robin but on paper it looks kinda cool.