Weekly Comic Book Review 07/19/23

Rockin’ Robbie Billups reviews the new comics released on July 19th, 2023! Including Blade 1, Hawkgirl 1, Big Game 1, You’ve Been Cancelled 2, Moon Knight City of the Dead 1, Red Sonja 1, HaRLEY Quinn Black White and Redder 1, Deadpool Badder Blood 2, Knight Terrors Superman 1, Guardians of the Galaxy 4, Scrapper 1, Knight Terrors Wonder Woman 1, Void Rivals 2, Something is Killing the Children 31, Battle Chasers 11, Black Panther 2, Tales of the Titans Starfire 1 and many more! What are your favorites?

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39 thoughts on “Weekly Comic Book Review 07/19/23

  1. Did you drop Radiant Black ? Issue 25 came out this week and it has different ending based on what cover you get, I think the next arc is gonna be told in two different timelines with cover A & B representing the different timelines. I’m new to comics so idk if this has been done before, but it make me really excited to keep reading, I’m glad I didn’t drop the series because it seems to be really innovated.

  2. Cool to see you add a TPB pick of the week😎 glad to see my favorite illustrator return with A VICIOUS CIRCLE #2🍻might have to grab All Eight Eyes tpb when it hits(I'm a sucker for a creature feature)that moonknight mini series sounds appealing 🤔 double R 🍻

  3. Keep it up Cuz… still glad you hoped on the Spawn train. I never let go of your Patreon I said I would sub to if you covered Spawn. ( yea I’m taking credit) 🙏🏽👐🏽

  4. Robbie, you deserve a rocking entrance music. I can write the lyrics, but i cannot sing, or play an instrument other then trombone and nobody wants that. Help me out, Stationites!

  5. I really hope Something is Killing the Children picks up!!! I got into it since you praised the book a bunch and I was enjoying Tynions short stint on Batman, but I bought the Hardcover, and it was a great read! I'm here waiting for the next hardcover…

  6. Gonna have to throw in with the comments about Lovesick. A disturbing but genuinely bold, deep dive into the human psycho-sexual soul, imperfect in terms of the coherence of its narrative, but truthfully stunning and unique in the heart of its taboo exploration. Unforgettable–even if you want to.

  7. DC continues to disappoint me week after week I can’t get into any of the art.. to me it looks so amateur and rushed and all identical nothing stands out. 16 years since a new Hawkgirl.. should still be waiting
    I bought SIKTC and that’s it
    I won’t even comment on Marvel
    Oh and I agree that the knight terror books are horrific but for different reasons.I am still enjoying SIKTC.. am I excited as I once was no but still better then anything marvel or dc is doing