Weekend Update: Donald Trump Indicted – SNL

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like President Biden calling for an assault weapons ban.

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50 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Donald Trump Indicted – SNL

  1. This was one of the BEST weekend updates EVER> Michael CHE is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIED THE ENTIRE TIME!!!!!!!!! I knew something was wrong when he wasnt getting any laughs.

  2. 4:06 how about we decriminalize race and decriminalize drugs and stop throwing Black people drug addicts, sex workers, the mentally ill, the homeless, poor people, the LGBTQ, teenagers and recreational drug users, and pregnant women in prison just because Republicans deemed them as criminals and fear monger, and spread propaganda as they stigmatize and criminalize, these Americans just to keep them from voting

    How about we stop allowing Republicans from destroying people that they think are likely to vote for Democrats.

    #StopMAGA and make America great for once
    #AbortionIsHealthCare Whether you like it or not

    We should turn prisons into rehabilitation centers, and provide education and mental health care and job training and make these Americans productive members of society again and provide them with the Support and Resources they need to survive and thrive.

    We need to end the war on drugs and release the political prisoners that have been wrongfully incarcerated and have had their lives turned upside down just because Republicans didn’t want them to be able to vote

    Wake up America . The con is still going on to this day.

    #TheMentallyIllOrNotCriminals . Republicans are.

  3. Fantastic prank but it had to have really killed Colin. Bombing before a live nationwide audience. And it's not like he was doing standup and gets a heckler and then comes back at them while on stage….can't really do that on SNL. You can see he is literally distraught (when he hears "You stink")……and then you see just that hint of total relief when he realizes he wasn't bombing………and then being embarrassed when realizing he was being pranked.
    Colin had that feeling of when you are driving in your car and have to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting someone/something. Those adrenalin shakes and sweating you get just shortly after you avoided a potentially bad car wreck. But I think you can magnify Colins by like 100x