We made a real life HUGGY WUGGY Animatronic!

Jay and Jaimie make a giant Huggy Wuggy animatronic from scratch!

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PVC Pipes – Your Local Store
Blue Fur – bigzfabric.com
Wiper Motor –
Speed Controller –
12v Power Supply –
3″ Cabachons (Eyes) –
Plastic Fake Fingernails (Teeth) –
1.25″ EVA Foam Dowel –
(Adding more…)

Huggy Wuggy is a giant, blood-thirsty blue toy from the indie horror game Poppy Playtime. He creepily wanders around an abandoned toy factory hoping to catch you, give you a big hug, and bite your face.

In our past DIY animatronic projects, we would typically take a Halloween animatronic from somewhere like Spirit Halloween, Home Depot, or Lowes. Since their new 2023 Halloween collections haven’t been released yet, we decided to try making an animatronic completely from scratch. We built Huggy Wuggy’s skeleton from PVC pipe, and we used a windshield wiper motor for his motion. His head was sculpted out of Styrofoam and the whole thing was covered with fluffy blue fur. We got to use our new Hot Wire tools to cut the foam and they worked really well. Highly recommend you check them out if you do a lot of foam carving. It’s been an engineering challenge trying to get him balanced and moving how we want him to, but we’re very happy with the result.

Building our DIY Huggy Wuggy animatronic was a lot of fun! Let us know if you want to see us build more characters from scratch, or if you want to see more Halloween animatronic makeovers. We love both! We also really enjoyed doing the toy makeovers for Freddy Fazbear and Choo Choo Charles.

Stay Wicked, y’all!


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29 thoughts on “We made a real life HUGGY WUGGY Animatronic!

  1. 18:06 Ok… Am I the only one who practically fainted when the head slightly tilted towards him on its own when he put Huggy's arm around his neck? Are we all just not going to talk about that? Stuff of absolute nightmares. Great work guys and keep it up! It seems I am destined to die in my sleep….

  2. theres few things that i genuinely think are sick and cool but this is one of those things. i can just imagine somewhere down the line, gaming gets so advanced and popular that an actual building centered around the game alone is built similar to the fnaf security breach styled building in which there are these props, tons of premotions, art merch and all sorts to do with this sort of game and seeing props in it like this poppy playtime prop is something i can easily visualise being part of the attraction in the building.