TNS UMVC3 #117 Tournament POOLS (Haggar, Iron Fist, Akuma, Shuma-Gorath, Storm, Strider)

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0:00 Intro
0:15 2DaMaxX (Hulk, Nova, Sentinel) vs. Tennessee Luna (Storm, Akuma, Doom)
5:18 Will Power (Haggar, Dante, Doctor Strange) vs. Onewolf101 (Nova, Modok, Vergil)
11:30 Quack. (Captain America, Doom, Rocket Raccoon) vs. The Real Kennybo (Storm, She-Hulk, Spider-Man)
20:23 SkrullSpawn (Nova, Doom, Super Skrull) vs. NickBad (Captain America, Deadpool, Strider)
26:53 Spiral (Shuma-Gorath, Dormammu, Dante) vs. 2damaxx (Hulk, Nova, Sentinel)
35:11 DrWatson01 (Morrigan, Doom, Vergil) vs. Wedge (Deadpool, Dante, Strider)
41:05 Weeberman (Iron Fist, Ryu, Akuma) vs. Will Power (Haggar, Dante, Doctor Strange)
48:22 Jasonkido (Haggar, Dormammu, Magneto) vs. DeadXPride (Vergil, Doom, Strider)



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34 thoughts on “TNS UMVC3 #117 Tournament POOLS (Haggar, Iron Fist, Akuma, Shuma-Gorath, Storm, Strider)

  1. My dream EVO grand finals would be Jason Kiddo vs KBR! But man, so many great players every week here, so much different team combinations, i'm just hoping we have some of this spice in EVO top 6, it's so cool to see all the different crazy shit this game has

  2. For EVO Grand Finals?!
    MadRobot vs Sacktap
    Justin Wong vs LivingLegend or Weeberman
    Priest vs Milky
    I<3Justice vs Aspire Leo or KirbyMass, Aonien vs Lythero
    Abegen vs IronGod

    Runbacks that'd be great to watch are
    LiberalTerminator vs KaneBlueRiver, Ray Ray, or Coach Steve
    Justin Wong vs Flocker
    FChamp vs Dual Kevin
    Mundank vs Angelic
    KaneBlueRiver vs FChamp
    Romora vs Sacktap

  3. Hey Tong,

    Answering your question: I'd like to see a Jason Kido vs. KBR set. I love watching Jason Kido play but wonder if he'd have trouble against KBR from the lead matchup, the tankiness of KBR's team messing with his optimizations, and KBR's own familiarity with Haggar. Would be interesting to watch in a set.

    PS: Evo GFs should be LBT vs. Mundank or something. Just please no Morrigan, Marvel gods.

  4. I just want to comment how much I love TNS. I always end up smiling, there is never any politics or backhanded comments made it's just pure comradery and mahvel baby. As someone who adamantly avoids all social media and news outlets and topics designed to induce outrage, I find shelter here. Thank you.

    Dream evo finals? Salutexmo vs Iheartjustice