Tiffany Haddish On South Central, Comedic Journey, Dating, Critics & More | The Jason Lee Show

In this episode of #TheJasonLeeShow, #TiffanyHaddish opens up about why she still resides in South Central, her aspiration to uplift the community, and her unique bond with the local fire department. The comedy superstar also shares personal stories, from her unorthodox therapy sessions to the advice she received from John Mayer about celebrity crushes. Haddish reflects on her Jewish faith, and her groundbreaking charity gala in her own neighborhood, drawing insights from the likes of Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton. She candidly addresses the backlash from her haters and the highs and lows of her comedic journey, all while giving us a behind-the-scenes look at her work in the Haunted Mansion and her blossoming relationship with Hollywood heavyweights. Tune in for this and much more as Tiffany Haddish truly bares all on The Jason Lee Show.

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44 thoughts on “Tiffany Haddish On South Central, Comedic Journey, Dating, Critics & More | The Jason Lee Show

  1. I know some people don’t like Tiffany or don’t think she’s funny and that is ok. I am sure she is not losing sleep over it. I love what she stands for and how authentic she is❤. Keep going Tiffany

  2. I love this interview showing tiff in a different light but I’m not one to easily forget I’m keeping a close eye on here. I hope she stays on a positive journey. I’m just really surprised she’s still around I thought she was canceled. But I am glad to see her

  3. As a therapeutic foster parent I am so proud of the few successes my girls have had. The Dorm Project allows them in NYC to sleep on a college campus and attend another. One od my former kids has a business. No there are one or two that were not ready to challenge themselves, and I pray they find themselves, but overall the foster care system needs more caring people because you never know you can be the parent of another Jayson and Tiffany.

  4. Loved this entire interview.Hadish is always down to earth I love how funny she truly is when she's not even trying to be. That's just her nature..I super excited about her grocery store she's working on in her community and can't wait to see the movies she's in this summer..Great interview one of the best and probably my favorites Interview on Jason Lees new podcast with revolt..🎉🎉 It's so good to see people winning❤

  5. This was a fantastic interview and I love how much you too care about each. Tiffany always keeps it real an I am so proud of her for staying true to herself and educating us further on the Jewish community very enlightening. The last thing I want to say is you two would make beautiful kids.