This Fight Has Been LONG OVERDUE BRO!!! | Persona 5 Royal | #107


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19 thoughts on “This Fight Has Been LONG OVERDUE BRO!!! | Persona 5 Royal | #107

  1. i think the difference between people dying or not is that people have the mental shutdown death thing when their shadow dies, like their own shadow in a palace or mementos, whereas joker and akechi were both dealing with cognitive versions/clones from someone elses palace, the reason akechi died is bc his clone from shido also shot him

    but im dumb so also i could just be wrong lmao 😎😎

  2. You might have been a little underleveled for this fight, but I'm not sure.
    River in the desert is such a goated song. Easily to 5 in the whole game. Possibly even top 3. And the lyrics are perfect for the phantom thieves. They're basically talking about how they have no chance of losing.

  3. 00:00 I'm here for this!! 😁😃
    12:05 I said the same thing 🙂
    15:00 Thanks for the shout out 😁 Always happy to help out
    17:03 Time for the most epic calling card ever!!! 🔥🔥🔥
    18:48 How much more epic would it have been if Akechi's silhouette was right there with us 🤔😢☺
    19:25 Hell yeah! Another bad-ass line from our boy ' Joker '!! 😁 😀
    25:10 I was like: ' I'm sooooooo gonna kick Shido's ass extra hard for this! ' 😠
    29:01 I believe they only show the reaction of the max ranked confidants 😉 So that's Yoshida, MishimaKawakami-sensei and Takemi with you, for now 😉 Also I think Ohya shows up regardless 🤔
    33:46 I was like: ' Can you shut up already? I wanna fight you!! ' 😡
    38:25 Rivers in the Desert baby!! 😁 The best boss fight track!! If you think it's 🔥 now, just wait 😉
    45:08 When the ' lion ' starts flying you have to start using physical or gun 😑 it's confusing I know 🙂
    51:40 Joker being a bad-ass again! 😁
    54:06 That's right! 😃 Rivers in the Desert has lyrics!! 😁 And it's awesome!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    1:01:20 Joker truly is a G.O.A.T 😁 💯 😀 Also the melee weapon he has now is actually his canon melee weapon 😉
    1:11:22 He really looks like a mix between Bane, Andrew Tate and an angry radish 😂😂
    1:15:30 This last mano a mano part of the Shido fight is what I saved the Magic Oinments for 😮🙂 They added this part to the Royal version but I think it's pretty fitting that Joker is the one who takes Shido down! 😃😀
    1:20:57 I loved that Joker actually yelled: ' Die, die die!! ' to Shido 😀 This was for Akechi you bastard!!! 😠
    1:28:14 Run Ryuji! RUN!! 😀
    1:32:09 Ryuji totally didn't deserve that after saving us like that 🤔🙂
    1:34:06 Him crying like a little baby was like music to my ears 😀 Shido you're done for 😃
    1:40:07 Amen to that! 😃 Great job on defeating Shido! 😁 Slice of life next! You earned it! 😉 Btw what are your thoughts on Rivers in the Desert? 🤔 I'd like to know which version you like best 😃

  4. special shot does not work on bosses, because it puts them into a hold up state.
    Not like its much help but just remember that it won't work on story bosses, stuff like The Reaper can still be affected.

  5. Shido out here claiming God gave him this destiny, what he don't know is that Joker got that DEMON in him!!

    Lets drag this bitchass down to hell where he belongs!!😈