The Professor SERIOUSLY TESTED 5v5 vs Abrasive Pro Hoopers

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49 thoughts on “The Professor SERIOUSLY TESTED 5v5 vs Abrasive Pro Hoopers

  1. I thought the Professor was a Christian or whatever. He don’t seem any different than anyone else. If that’s what being a Christian is I don’t have to change anything haha

  2. “Don’t get me on cámara right now I’m pissed” cámara not on him, that how you knew he really wanted to be on cámara as a tough guy

  3. What's up Biggie you know who it is or Who it be's after you stole to ball palm the ball show and tell flash it is his face and diddle the other way show and tell in my day In Detroit Michigan we play all year around even in the Snow chip in on Future Baby Six David what's up Biggie let's goes to The prom Baby Chinky Babycakes eyelids low shh shh game meant to shown not to be told shh shh finger to crest of the lips 👄 shh shh playa ha ha ha aha 😂

  4. The best way to play ball is to keep it simple, team oriented and play hard on both sides of the ball. That method is supreme and beats street ball every time. But that doesnt mean that guys like the prodessor arent extremely talented.