The Problem With The Bat-Wang

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32 thoughts on “The Problem With The Bat-Wang

  1. The whole wb being concerned with mature imagery for “the ip” thing is kinda stupid to me. The book was being clearly marketed for mature audiences. why if that’s not something you want your child seeing would you not just be a good parent and police that…

  2. wait… we would have gotten Harley's quinns if the bat-whang didn't piss people off?!?!?! YOU SEE THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!!!!!!!!!

  3. Misread the title as “The Problem with the Bat-WING” and was expecting something on Batman’s extensive arsenal.

    Didn’t click away though because I remember the whole fiasco when it happened and laugh every time it’s brought up.

  4. Isn't there ratings anymore? There should something for everyone. Maybe card kids that are young, and warn parents buying it… it also kinda depends on the parent… I here the sexualy active line is getting younger and younger… there is also the difference in nudity and sex… idk

    I'd been thinking about black label, and I'm like… why isn't there nudity in it, for being adult…

  5. 8:15 I remember being a kid walking through the bookstore and seeing Green Lantern Brightest Day. Loved it. Super colorful. But I had heard on YouTube that Blackest Night was one of the best Green Lantern stories. So I got it. Page 5 ish, Black Hand shoots his family and himself. That shit was disturbing. Didn't read it. Picked it up again as a 20 year old. Still dark, but good story.

  6. If I had known long ago, I would have bought the issue the first time and also gotten 2. 1 to sell, the other to enjoy the hell out of it. Not for sexual pleasure but the pride I have the comic and could look at his bat-wang whenever I want. Like the swimsuit issues on all the guy superheroes. What can I say? As a gay guy I know what I like.😍 Speaking of swimsuit issues, I can't wait for that comic about superheroes in swimsuits.🤤

  7. I think those are two different questions. The black label stuff is called black label so your kids DONT read it. The same way a 12 year old wouldn't be let in an mature film. Then the question of buying "bat family stuff" that could have nudity. Well…only if WB and whoever else owns them makes toys with the bat wang…which they wouldn't. It's two different questions and solutions.

  8. I often wonder what the troops overseas in WW2 would think of the "comics are for kids" argument.

    And if you don't get that, then you don't know why comics as we know them today were made in the first place.

  9. In comics my answer is no but in movies if Batman and talia are gonna make damien atleast do a scene for it maybe not showing full body parts or nipples or ass but just body moving 😂

  10. It was ok for dr. Manhatten to have his dick out back in the 80s, i dont see the problem, in this day and age were transvestites are dancing for toddlers an adult graphic novel cant show a flaccid penis & female nipples, we have our priorities mixed up, people will bitch about anything in this clown world 🤡.

  11. 14:47

    He can be for anyone. Most versions of him are not for everyone but the myth of Batman can be for anyone. We should get R Rated Batman and we should get kiddy Batman like Bat Wheels. Parents should be able to take responsibility enough to look at the back of the fucking book or movie where it says if it's rated r or not. It's not that hard. Art should not be compromised because dumbass parents are lazy.

  12. DC pussied out. Batman is the most versatile character ever, there is no reason that they can't show this version specifically created for adults batawang.

    Toys should never be a factor in art. These characters aren't kids character, a lot of them are either for both audiences like Batman who can be for anyone because he is so versatile, and then there are characters like Daredevil, Moon Knight, Punisher etc that just simply aren't for kids.