The Penguin: The Movie

The Feature film that was filmed as a content feature film is a narrative documentary titled The Penguin, starring me John Birmingham with my mom Teresa Birmingham, my dad Michael Birmingham, Danica DeCosto and my sons Rowan Birmingham and Ivan Birmingham, our friend Robbin Teller and her children Tori Teller and Carly Teller. Check out this new video and my other videos on God and Jesus, my feature films, music videos. This film was about one day of filming and editing for the new stuff and at the beginning of the film is a short film from 10 years ago pranking my kids that was a few days of planning, filming and editing. I filmed other movies that were 3 years of work each, my movies Crazy Animal, The Vampires of Zanzibar and Rednecks, also more than 40 original music videos with original songs I wrote, award winning short films and more than 2500 videos.

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Hi. I believe in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit and can show you too how to live so your soul will be saved! Its all in The New Testament that was written by God sending his only Son Jesus to earth to suffer and die for our sins and get The Bible written and to start Christianity… adding to the old testament which was flawed and not enough on its own for humans to be okay because God could only help regular men like Moses to write that back then and other prophets could only help human beings beings so much until he sent his only begotten Son to earth for us. Check out this new video.

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13 thoughts on “The Penguin: The Movie

  1. but ya i honestly didn't really like it much, it was pretty incohesive and lacked much in the way of a plot. I saw in another comment you referred to it as an avant-garde film but it's hard to perceive it as such because it's largely composed of content more akin to vlog entries. if the penguin is meant to be a character you're portraying it's very difficult to perceive because you frequently break the fourth wall by referring to your real name and discussing the fact that you're portraying a character for a film with your parents. ultimately i hope you enjoyed creating it but i do understand how a lot of people may not enjoy it. just wanted to give you a fair critique. i hope you appreciate the constructive criticism. i've seen your older films and i think this work doesn't do your true talents justice. praise jah mon🙏

  2. All I see is a person barely hanging on by the thinnest of threads. Maybe you need a break from all of it and change your direction in life. It's entirely ok to admit defeat and start over with new beginnings.

  3. John – get it together. You think all the expensive high tech gear and software is all you need to make a good film? You don’t even try anymore. How about writing out a good plot, edit and re-edit the script until you have a good STORY. You don’t just film a bunch of random crap and add effect to be a star. If it were that easy, we’d all be rich movie stars. Here’s the facts: you are approaching 50 years old, you’re enabled by parents who loan you money, you are NOT just going to show up in LA and be famous because LA is some kind of magical place (btw it’s not, it’s filled with homeless druggies) if you wanted to have half a chance at it, you should’ve done that at age 18, not approaching 50 years old and going crazy. You can’t just slap a bunch of crappy scenes together, add lame effects and call it a real movie. Rednecks sucked too. Did Troma actually approach you and pay you for it? Of course not. They’ll put out any BS movie if you pay THEM enough. How much money have you made back from ANY of your movies in the last ten years? Either make a real movie that’s actually good or just stop, because it’s worse than cringey watching you do this repeatedly. Find another hobby. One that you’re good at. Focus on your drumming and try not to speed up every time you play. Play along with a drum machine to get your timing better. Anything….but this.

  4. I skimmed through, but didn't understand the purpose of it. Based off your live feed, I thought it would be more "professional" and not so abstract & "cut and pastey" if that makes sense. Looks like a general home video with no plot.