The Only Three Ways You Should Make Custom LEGO Minifigures #shorts

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48 thoughts on “The Only Three Ways You Should Make Custom LEGO Minifigures #shorts

  1. "Ever get frustrated painting your Minifigures? Here are three ways you can make your custom minifigs


    2)Get someone else to do it

    3)There is no 3"

  2. I have huge hands so anything like lego stickers were super annoying because I could never see where I was putting the sticker and most of the time the entire build if they are small enough. (Get your mind out of the gutter)

  3. What a crazy lego fan boy. Really the Lego minifigures are shit, there are China made minifigures that have way better function than Lego. Lego is resting on its decades old fame. They wont survive the next 10 years if lego dont get its shit together and improve their shitty minifigures. Really they already were shit 20 years ago.
    They cant do many positions and movements, just bend their legs and spin their arm in one direction. Move the head is also very painful and always the hait amd helmets are dpinning instead of the head.
    Really lego do your homework, at least one time, otherwise you are gone. Outcompeted by not China crap anymore

  4. I remember when sculpting and painting your own figures to make custom minifigure showcases used to be a big thing, it was never about having a minifigure that you couldn’t get in a set, it was about the art and how cool you could get it to look when you literally built it all up from your own hands