The Mexican Clown That Killed Cartel Members & Filmed It

The Mexican Clown That Killed Cartel Members & Filmed It

Do you have an irrational fear of clowns? If not, you might develop one by the end of this video.

For a long time, popular culture has depicted clowns as creepy or even evil, from Stephen King’s It to the Joker.

These infamous characters might explain the irrational fear of clowns, at least a little bit. But what if I told you such clowns exist in real life?

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel, or CJNG, has been terrorizing Mexico for over a decade now. They are by far more brutal than their enemies, the Sinaloa Cartel, and even then Pablo Escobar’s empire.

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20 thoughts on “The Mexican Clown That Killed Cartel Members & Filmed It

  1. We are living comfortably day by day into our different countries, while Cartels are terrorizing an entire country with a beautiful culture. Hopefully one day our nations can come together as one to destroy these cartels.

  2. When I see this things I can only think of my family, and how devastated I would be if something like this would happen to them, there’s so many sick people out there…

  3. To be honest with you the worst video that has came out from the cartel is the Funky Town video. That video is f**** crazy. Warning do not go looking for that video.