The INSANE Reality of Survivor!

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Survivor is one of those shows that only come around at the early years of something new, completely taking America, nay, the world by storm. Bringing us what Reality TV can be, what it can evolve into and how it shaped the entertainment landscape. Now, 23 years since it all started, we are 44 seasons of the show deep at this point with so much to go over in this not at all very long video! What’s your favorite season of Survivor?

A huge thanks to those who were in the video with me:
Yungelderberry TV:
Ya Gotta See This!:

Zach Wurtenberger’s video about the missing season 41 of Survivor:

Written By: Jordan Fringe
Edited By: Jordan Fringe
Channel Art By: Jerry Meehan

Special additional production help:
Jackson S.
Christine Parshall
David Strickland

Time Stamps
00:00:00 Intro
00:02:50 How Survivor Became Survivor
00:20:42 Season 1
00:57:34 Season 2
01:18:06 Season 3
01:31:05 Season 4
01:47:15 Season 5
02:01:53 Season 6
02:13:57 Season 7
02:28:04 Season 8
02:47:44 Season 9
03:02:52 Season 10
03:19:54 Season 11
03:34:16 The Survivor Craze
03:45:00 Season 12
03:56:50 Season 13
04:09:45 Season 14
04:24:37 Season 15
04:37:02 Season 16
04:51:26 Season 17
05:09:35 Season 18
05:22:03 Season 19
05:39:19 Season 20
05:57:59 Season 21
06:17:31 Season 22
06:42:54 The History of Jeff Probst
06:57:32 Season 23
07:15:59 Season 24
07:29:47 Season 25
07:43:01 Season 26
07:57:34 Season 27
08:10:04 Season 28
08:23:48 Season 29
08:39:33 Season 30
08:54:32 Season 31
09:07:27 Season 32
09:19:45 Season 33
09:33:22 Controversies & Drama
09:47:59 Season 34
09:58:30 Season 35
10:11:50 Season 36
10:26:32 Season 37
10:42:17 Season 38
10:54:21 season 39
11:05:04 Season 40
11:13:13 Season 41
11:22:19 Season 42
11:29:52 Season 43
11:37:35 Season 44
11:42:14 A Reflection
11:44:55 A Missing Season
11:48:45 The Influence
11:55:18 Outro

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36 thoughts on “The INSANE Reality of Survivor!

  1. Thank you all so much for watching! This was an intense video to make, I hope you all enjoy it! Let me know your favorite season of Survivor as well as some of your favorite moments from the show! Look out for more new videos really soon! The tribe has spoken!

  2. I hope you do this with Total Drama Island. I never watched survivor but watching thisade me realize just how much they based TDI on it. plus I'd love to hear your thoughts on it

  3. This is a great video essay for such an absurdly long running series! I used to watch Survivor and The Amazing Race (which, I recommend) with my mom in the early 2000s and have really fond memories of this show. My mom passed in 2015 from cancer, so seeing this video was weirdly sentimental for me.

  4. what does youtube consider a view? ive been watching this over many days, is each time a view? would be farther along if yt accurately remembered what point i left off, or if i wrote it down.

  5. Just finished this absolute monster of a video, a solid 10/10 in my book! There need to be more 10+ hour long deep dives imo, they're so good

  6. Have I watched this fully yet? No.

    Will I? Yes.

    Have I already liked it because I respect and honestly couldn’t believe the video is actually 12 hours? Also yes.

  7. I didn't realize how much I actually watched Survivor until now. I watched from around season 25 until I began losing interest at the end of season 36, and it's only now occurring to me that that means I saw an entire fourth of the show AS IT CAME OUT. I genuinely would've completely forgotten about this show if it weren't for my school library having a poster of Jeff Probst saying "Jeff Probst at your library" and joking about it with all my friends (along with educating them on "Who the hell is Jeff Probst?"). This video brought back so much nostalgia I thank you greatly for it, despite the fact that it took up a fourth of my weekend lmao.

  8. I was 2 hrs into this video as I frequently watched Survivor with my parents as a kid and it was beyond nostalgic until i realized that Booty and Yungelderberry worked on this video! As a paymoneywubby fan I was excited bc I love him and his crew and it was awesome to see that Jordan got his inspiration from Wubby and season 20 (the BEST SEASON!). Fabulous job team 10/10.