The Flash Punches Batman

The Flash faces Batman for the ultimate reason, but why? Let’s find out!

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0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Story Begins
2:27 – I Get Mad
2:58 – Ending

The Flash vs Batman in this comic and stands up for what’s right. That’s right, The Flash or Barry Allen, finally vs Batman is a story from DC Comics that is awesome. The Flash vs Batman is insane and you will love this video too!

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39 thoughts on “The Flash Punches Batman

  1. “Thats more stupid than the people who name their child after the name of a month” people whos name is may rn: 👁️👄👁️

  2. I hate how anytime superheroes fight or argue, it's so stupidly out of character. Batman would never lash out at any other hero like an emo teenager even if they made a remark about "dead robins". Hell, Bruce has to deal with Joker on a normal basis, a dude who killed a robin and made remarks about it constantly after XD

    And to think Barry would get so worked up over Bruce mentioning that he temporarily lost his memory Wally, that's so stupid XD

  3. Barry's mistake is not killing Batman then and there. Now Batman will make sure he has the countermeasures to put Barry in the ground using any means necessary.

  4. i like the fact bats had the countermeasures ready to go the minute barry powered up; it didnt work, but at least it was something set up to react to speedsters instead of being something he has to activate, batman in a sense is one of the more realistic heroes in that he literally has to have plans or counters…because he is dealing w/literal gods who routinely get mind controlled…or get out of control when in a pitched battle…

  5. i dont understand is clear she is willing to die using her powers to be a hero im guessing batman wants to train her so she can do it without them so she wont die

    if batman leaves alone well shell die ….

    so flash wants batman to let her die rather than find a way for her to help ?

  6. I mean even if no hero or villan tried to pull them in, Gotham girl would still use her powers for something right? Eventually being a hero or villan, its inevitable, when you have powers you want to use them

  7. 2:26 ok so batcave countermeasures doesn't work on barry and barry can get close to bruce enough to punch him but batman can land a couple hits of RF yeah that makes sense😒