The Flash BOMBS AGAIN For The 2nd Week In A Row! | This Movie Deserves Better!

Lobe of hate Ezra Miller, one thing is for certain. This movie deserves better than $200M worldwide after 2 weeks in the box office. We should all learn to separate the art from the artist. Ezra is trash and deserves a jail cell. Now he won’t be Flash anymore moving forward. #dcrises

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24 thoughts on “The Flash BOMBS AGAIN For The 2nd Week In A Row! | This Movie Deserves Better!

  1. I love the genre, as a fan of both MCU and DCU I thought the Flash was good. It wasn’t Flashpoint, but it was a fun attempt, and a nod to the DC tv and film universe. As a old head, I’m more story than special effects.

  2. The movie is bombing for many reasons, first the word of mouth and reviews are not helping, most of us are not encouraging others go see the movie because the general audience is not liking the movie very much. Secondly, DC is on a very bad trend since justice league, poeple gave up to this universe and do not trust WB anymore due to many bad deceptive movies back to back to back. So even if the Flash turned out excellent, I truly believe the movie would still have been a flop or just even economically. DC lost the movie audience trust and it will be very hard for them to get it back, thats why I fear for Superman Legacy. Third reason is the Ezra case, but I think this one is not the main, because not every poeple knows about Ezra bad behavior as they try to hide that part. I would say the average people do not know about that (even worst internationaly) or do not care, only the hadcore comic fan like us knows and decide to boycott or not, and we are not the main audiance. Saying the movie is flopping mainly because of Ezra is kinda ovoiding the real reasons.

    In fact, DC will need many very good movies back to back to start regain audiance trust and have good decent box office results. If I were James Gunn, I would have done a HARD reboot (soft reboot is a bad idea) and let many years pass (maybe 5 years) so people have time to forget the old bullshit and regain interest. Take their time to make good quality movies. This is how DC will rise again! Cheers.

  3. That caller's logic doesn't hold up. If the quality of the movie was the #1 issue it would have a good start then drop big. People just didn't show up on day one because of Ezra…🤷‍♂️

  4. Flash was mid tbh but I definitely didnt think it would flop this bad geez. Also shazam 2 & Antman 3 are bad examples of mid movies making good box office because they both flipped to lol. Thor 4 & Black Panther 2 had the advantage of majority fans enjoy the previous installment b4 them. Alot of good will for fans going into them especially Wakanda forever!

  5. As someone who loves dc comics pre 2017 I’m happy Gunn is gonna take over.I can’t wait for dc to get outta this disorganized blunders stage where they don’t know what they want to be or do.

  6. Hello, Jody. I love The Flash movie. Too bad more humans didn't show up for the film, the movie deserves to make more money. However, Ezra Miller being Reverse Flash in real life, doesn't help anything.