THE FLASH (2023) Review & Reaction!

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Host: Brandon Barrick
Host: Gina Ippolito
Host: Coy Jandreau
Host: Hector Navarro
Producer: John Costa
Producer: Evan Yee
Studio Technician: Dashiell Hamingson

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:03:53 – Discussing the story: How DOES time travel work anyway?
00:24:49 – The Visuals: Baby shower, iconic!
00:42:50 – The Acting: Mliler, Keaton, Calle
00:54:36 – The Directing: Andy Muschietti & genre influences
01:03:06 – The Score & Sound Design: Sounds from the past

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40 thoughts on “THE FLASH (2023) Review & Reaction!

  1. I luv everyone on the panel but they do realize Barry's mom is already dead. So it's not a save my parent type of flick, it's making changes to 'time' and accepting the consequences type of flick.

  2. What a great comparison between Barry and Joey! Hector Navarro is what I seek when I want a review.
    Coy is no doubt very knowledgeable in comic books and stuff but he is only clearly talking about the principles that a better movie could have displayed. Flash did not!
    Also, Hector looking at the camera like "these idiots!"😂

  3. I agree with Hector for the most part. I'm also glad that he addressed the elephant in the rooom regarding Ezra Miller's abusive behaviors. I thought the same thing when the line about mental health was brought up. I watched the movie for Keaton because he my definitive Bruce Wayne/Batman. Surreal to see him back. I loved the cameos too, including the last one with Clooney haha. But I think the characterization with Barry was off, and I wish Supergirl and Keaton's Batman had different fates. I really hope they keep Sasha Calle as the character in the DCU. I loved the Supergirl show on CW and I think she's far more interesting of a character to me than Superman (as much as I love Superman).

  4. You can just tell the guy on the far left would have been negative about it no matter what the movie was…..He's just one of those dudes that thinks it makes him interesting or deep to shit on stuff people like….I love how he's like "Young Barry is annoying" when the whole point was to portray him as immature and childish…..

  5. THANK YOU HECTOR!! My major comic reading was post-crisis to early 2000s before I kind of lost touch with DC but somethings that Flashpoint spit on was that people had change The Flash's history before and The Flashes were always able to restore the proper history without it massively breaking the timeline. Flashpoint Paradox as the way it broke Flash Time Travel always bugged me.

    It was the first time that restoring the timeline to the way it should be would break said timeline and lead to the New 52. I'm probably one of the few that liked it being retconned that it wasn't him who screwed it all up.

  6. I’m so happy Hector represented all of us who didn’t care for this movie because as much as I like Coy and his takes on other things… too many nerd culture critics are being apologetic to this project… the CGI is trash 🗑️ and I understand being overworked (I work in a hospital) so being critical about what doesn’t work but also not completely shittin’ on it was professional as always Hector 👍🏿

  7. Coy is still frequent with the bad takes lol. If you think this film was a masterclass or success in any way shape or form, you don't know filmmaking or story science.

  8. I wanted to like the flash but I’m definitely on Hector’s side in that it felt cheap & rushed in the visual aspect. Supergirl was outstanding. I think young Barry was so annoying just to hilight the contrast between a Barry who had his parents and who didn’t… obviously young Barry is a bit less reserved

  9. The fact that Hector scored it much lower than the others, is a nice balance considering how much of a DC fan he is. This is fair and balanced lol

  10. Looking at Flash junk and his hairy chest a bunch of times in this film were the saving grace. Lol

    It’s entertaining, it just was not baked long enough. It had potential though