The Downfall of Batman In The Silver Age of Comics

One final look at the Silver Age of Batman

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00:00 Welcome to The Silver Age
00:25 Batman vs The Comics Code Authority
02:57 Super-Batman, Part I
06:21 The Silver Age Begins
07:36 Super-Batman, Part II
08:57 Enter The Justice League of America
09:59 The Bizarre Reality of “The Batman Family”
10:51 The Downfall of Batman, Part I
12:54 The New Look Batman
17:25 The Outsider and The Rogues’ Return
19:01 The Rise and Fall of the Batman TV Show
23:41 The Downfall of Batman, Part II
27:06 Enter Neal Adams
28:37 Nothing Ever Ends

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22 thoughts on “The Downfall of Batman In The Silver Age of Comics

  1. This was really good, thank you. I look forward to the next instalment, when I first got into Batman as a little boy. But for this video, there were also some interesting insights into what Grant Morrison was referring to with his Batman as a family man idea when he came back after being "killed" by Darkseid.

  2. You know what, the way how they retcon Batman in the 50s, reminds me of the "Robocop 2" storyline when those suits at OCP put ridiculous orders into Murphy's memory banks to follow. Yes, Batman is a hero but to see him helping cats out of trees or children out of burning buildings, yeah he'd do that because he IS a hero. But the "Robocop 2" analogy just came to mind. Not being bad, no wonder it struggled in sales.

  3. Hey man I’ve been really loving your videos lately. It seems like so many other comic channels on YouTube either want me to be super woke or super anti-woke, it’s really weird and like, I just wanna hear about comics.

    But I can tell you’re just passionate about good story telling, and you really know the Batman lore. Keep it up 👍

  4. The comic code authority was fifty years too early.. they penalized benign comics & now, they may have conceived the very ideas they pretended to protect against. Any garbage goes in comics now, at the highest price ever. Comics & cartoons are not for children atal today. They are too busy getting adult ideals programmed in them by adults who indulge in comics & cartoons who makes sure there is nothing wholesome in them most of the time. This is an unfortunate time to be a child generally.

  5. It really amazes me how many young people fail to accept that a lot of fans enjoyed Batman before Neal Adams drew a very small amount of stories at DC. I don't look at the modern version of Batman as the best , he runs the gambit from too good to be beaten, too antisocial to be a team player, too hate filled to be loved, too judgemental to be honest with himself to be likeable. That's not enjoyable.

  6. i dont get why they tthinkk batman/robin was a thing, it wouldnt make sense because robin is too young for batman and batman would respect that cauase hes a good person

  7. I thought the Harvey Harris story was very good. Either way, most of these stories, unthinkable or not for modern times, are still better than 99% of the contemporary Batman tales. I'll take Bill Finger's worst over Tom King's best any day of the week.

  8. Interesting how Wayne Manor and the Batcave returned. And now that the teenagers who sneered at he Batman TV show are now old men… suddenly these elements don't seem so bad anymore…

  9. A lot of those stories you described actually sound really cool. Batman having to testify in court. Bruce studying under a legendary detective. And Ace continues to appear in modern times.

  10. Hoy downfall Batman Hello Sal great video on the decline/bizarre area of Batman the silver age great video plus it has become favorite of out all your channel because didn't know until this video I thought the red phone, bat cave entrance etc was all from 66 show didn't know that was from comics of revamp period. Thanks shading light certain things for batons like myself learning each day from your videos.