The Dark Knight Rises * FIRST TIME WATCHING * reaction & commentary

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30 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises * FIRST TIME WATCHING * reaction & commentary

  1. 12:31 it’s a miniaturized EMP or a BatEMP. 17:10 I thought it was interesting that after saying you had impure thoughts about Anne Hathaway you wrapped a blanket around you. 19:01 it all has to do with what Bane did at the stock exchange. 38:59 no death is supposed to be the greatest reward. 42:38 Christian Bale didn’t like the idea of Robin being in the film. I think he even threatened to quit if they wrote Robin into the movie. 43:14 I love how Bruce remembered Alfred talking about the spot and made sure to be there when he was 43:25 and just like that Robin becomes the Batman.

  2. I cant believe you mentioned Bane and his comment reminded you of MAD MAX FURY ROAD and you never cottoned on it was Tom Hardy.

  3. Canonically, Gotham City is in New Jersey, across the river from Metropolis, which is in Delaware. Both are larger in population than New York City.

  4. I have horrid memories of this, and not because of the movie. I went to a premiere where I live and at the same time, there was a massive shooting at this movie’s premiere near Denver and I think 15 killed and 50 injured. Just thinking that could have been in the theater I was in.

  5. In comic book Bat Man married Cat women and had a son. In the cartoon Fairy Odd parents-there is a character CATMAN voice by Adam West. Robin took over-Knight Wing and got a spin off .

  6. The whole city of bad guys with guns together, and a giant mob of cops, unarmed cops …rush the bad guys.. and they all just rush eachother and fist fight… this is an insult to the writing.

  7. Can someone PLEASE tell Ashleigh that her volume is way too high compared to the movie!!! I can’t watch her anymore until she balances this shit out. She is at 7 and the movie is at 2… then she screamed at 10. Too hard to listen.

  8. Well, it just goes to show that my enjoyment of Ashleigh's reactions have their limits. Usually her reaction is at least some saving grace, even if she's watching a movie I don't care for, and it's through no fault of her own; I just hate this trilogy so f&*#ing much.

  9. Cursing, burping, nonstop sex talk about cheating is disrespect to her marriage and husband. She is an embarrassment to women and wives. That's all she has to do now is fart on camera and she'll be a truly discussing person. When I think of wife, it's the opposite of her.

  10. Worst movie of the trilogy, great acting but poor story. It literally stole the whole bomb part from the 1960's Batman movie which was a joke. But then again, Why So Serious?