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Simone & George are reacting to The Blues Brothers for the first time! Canadians React!
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37 thoughts on “The Blues Brothers | Canadian First Time Watching | Movie Reaction | Movie Review | Movie Commentary

  1. My roommate of 2 years looks and acts just like John Belushi (I'm married now, so that was awhile back) When I found out he had never seen this movie, I went straight to blockbuster and rented it for us. His mind was blown.

  2. No the Neo Nazi party won a court case that said they were allowed to have their rally. The city of Chicago denied their permits and the Nazis took the city to court and won because the city denied their right to peacefully assemble. That actually happened so they put the nazis in the movie as a side plot.

  3. It's a unusual for me to see people watching this film, but not spot the galaxy of stars who appear in it.

    Oh, and the guy in the office signing the receipt? That's Steven Spielberg.

  4. The cop who aggressively gave Jake his stuff back was Frank Oz, who was a puppeteer for the Muppets. He voiced numerous Muppets, including Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy and Animal. Also, the county clerk at the end of the movie was Steven Spielberg.

  5. NOW you only get severance if you get fired, if you work for one of the very companies that still does that and are not close to entry level. Back in the day it was very different. Workers actually had protections and rights that corporations have eroded via bribing politicians :/

    And oh yes, there were definitely neo-Nazi groups throughout the period between WW2 and now. They just didn't have the balls to really do anything until the internet hooked them all up together and they realized they weren't as alone as they thought :/

  6. “A million ways to die in the west” has characters in it playing characters from another movie. Spot on for your description for what you asked also

  7. Carrie Fisher was briefly engaged to be married to Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd (Elwood Blues) for a while. He proposed marriage to her while filming The Blues Brothers, although she played Jake Blues's fiancée (played by John Belushi). They broke up when she reconciled with former boyfriend Paul Simon, who she later married.

  8. This is based off their Blues Brothers characters from SNL. And it is the first film that SNL sketches were made into feature length movies.
    So all the artists were Rhythm and Blues artists. The band were actual musicians. John and Dan did all their own singing. And it was filmed in Chicago at the time when Chicago Mayor, Jane Byrne just pretty much let them destroy a lot of stuff that were being torn down or in case of the police car, no longer needed.
    And the Prison Clerk at the beginning was legendary puppeteer Frank Oz(the voice of Yoda, Miss Piggy, Fozie Bear, etc) and director.
    The clerk at the end is the one and only Steven Spielberg.

  9. A friend of mine was an extra in the Palace Ballroom scene. She said it was incredible!
    This movie set a record for most car crashes at 103. The record held until The Blues Brothers 2000, which had 104. One of the Fast and the Furious movies has the current record.

  10. The guy at the clerk and recorders office is Steven Spielberg.
    During the scene where they are on Lower Wacker Drive, the car was really going over 100 miles per hour. Landis then reshot it with stunt pedestrians, at the same speed so people could tell how fast they were going.
    A quote from the Chicago Sun Times – "Even with all the stunts, there were only a few minor injuries throughout filming. That “we got away that lightly, I would say is miraculous,” Aykroyd said. “God was on our side.”"
    Another great quote from the CST – "Chicago and State Police shut down countless city and suburban streets — even the interstate and Lake Shore Drive — for filming. The only thing that slowed production? Pope John Paul II’s October visit — and the Chicago Bears. “They told us when the Bears lose and the fans are pissed off, even the Chicago Police can’t stop them,”"

  11. The Illinois Nazi's…..In 1977, just a couple of years before this movie, there was an incident in Skokie Illinois where the Nazi Party sued the state to march, and they were defended surprisingly by the ACLU in a landmark free speech case. (In your Canada and the EU there are much greater limits to free speech and much stronger laws for hate speech). The case is famous because of its far-reaching 1st Amendment liberty defense, and noteworthy because of the large numbers of Jewish lawyers and holocaust survivors both for and against. World War II was much more fresh in the minds of people (only 32 years before, Vets were still in their 50s) and the government much less trusted (just 3 years after Watergate). They wouldn't equate rank prejudice as being a "Nazi". The word has been watered down by its use as a bludgeon to various groups that in no way resemble actual Nazis.

    Maybe law or this case isn't common knowledge even in the US anymore (More's the pity) But come on guys. Some of this you should know. The musicians are legends. Signing X is making your "mark" if you cannot read or write.

  12. "The Blues Brothers movies hold the record for the most cop cars wrecked in a movie. The first movie wrecked 104 vehicles, 60 of them police cars, while the sequel broke that record with 105 wrecks."

  13. The "Illinois Nazis" part was a real thing and a reference to a major contemporary issue. A group of American Nazis wanted to march in Chicago, but were denied the permit. They strategically went to a smaller community–with a relatively large population of Holocaust survivors as citizens–called Skokie, where they were denied the permit specifically because they were Nazis. The ACLU felt obligated to represent them on 1st Amendment grounds, fearing that if they didn't it could be used as a precedent to support further prejudicial decisions against vulnerable groups such as LGBTQ+ or even Jewish organizations. They won the case, but never marched in Skokie because the ruling opened up their ability to march in Chicago.

    …and clearly the American right's willingness to be hypocrites didn't stop them from trying to discriminate against actual vulnerable groups anyway.

  14. The Blues Brothers as a musical,concept originated in skits that Belushi and Ackroyd did on Saturday Night Live. They did sing and even released some songs.