That 90’s Show is utterly bizarre…

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34 thoughts on “That 90’s Show is utterly bizarre…

  1. The supposed to be her grandma and grandpa committing on their granddaughters breasts growing and how she has her mothers good look is so weird and gross 🤮 why did they even write that

  2. that 90's show is about some wannabes trying to use a loved quality tv show to help them become notorious, but instead ruin the whole thing. Only limited people can call that acting or humor. but then again, all these "inclusivity hires" just for the sake of "inclusivity" have been revealing completely void of deep content, go figure why (fake social justice, that's why)

  3. Hot take but I really liked this sequel. Being an 80s kid and 90s teen, this felt like my childhood in Milwaukee. It was a proper handoff and I wanted more of it.

  4. I think it’s funny that says was flamboyant, but he was always heterosexual. His flamboyance and sassiness came from him being from a nondescript foreign country. Rather than being a one dimensional caricatures of an annoying, bitchy fat gay guy immediately wanted to punch that kid right my nose, as soon as he delivered his first lines. 😂

  5. My problem with the show is in the 90s nobody cared if you were gay, they knew already. Also there were no smart watches back then. Other than that it's fine.

  6. As a big fan of the original I can say that you're spot on. I watched the whole season of the sequel and it was as bad as you think. Don't get me wrong the actors seem to find a bit of a groove but it just wasn't enough.

  7. What's truly bizarre is making a video critiquing a new show you obviously didn't watch past the pilot, and comparing it to an old show you also didn't watch outside of a couple of episodes.

    But hey, you made some decent points and creators need to cover low-hanging fruit sometimes.

  8. The new cast are rotten. Older characters still work well and part of that is because they are actually funny people and can pull it off. But the new characters are just bad gimmicks played by people with no personality it feels like. "Hey, heres the gay kid. Did you know hes gay?" "Heres the rebel girl! Please like her guys!". The writing is awful for these people too. To be fair, this is pretty much what i expected, but just sad they couldnt leave the original show alone

  9. Leia talking to her parents: "Yeah, I'm an underage and I know I just admitted to drinking beer. But, who cares I'm staying here for the summer!"
    I drunk beer once in my early 20's and never touched the stuff again because Tequila can get you drunk and doesn't taste like warm piss. That being said, when I was a teenager my friends who did drink made sure their parents didn't know… But apparently Leia is like a Half-Tard or something and doesn't try to hide it.

  10. I think I watched that 70's show and only that 70's show recorded on VHS over n over we had this 12 days of Xmas you had to take at least 12 ev pills a day for times good times

  11. Leia is Randy’s daughter………..for Leia to 15 (later on she celebrates her 15th birthday) in July 1995 Donna would have to have been pregers by New Years 1979. Also Jay is Fez’s kid. Why is no one talking about this.