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Free Drama Film: To the Beat! – Back 2 School – The story continues…at school.

To the Beat! – Back 2 School (2020)
Director: Jillian Clare
Writers: Susan Bernhardt, Jillian Clare
Stars: Laura Krystine, Brisa Lalich, Jayden Bartels
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: March 10, 2020 United States (Digital & DVD premiere)

Competition becomes fierce in the sequel to the hit teen comedy To The Beat as twins Mackie and Mia plus their arch rival and former neighbor Avery, along with all of their friends (and enemies), go back to their performing arts school following spring break. Friendships and feuds continue as sisterhood is tested, rivalries heat up, colorful characters are introduced and new bonds are formed, when Valley Performing Arts students are given the opportunity of a lifetime to audition for an all-expense paid summer scholarship program to the prestigious Triad Conservatory of Fine Arts in New York City.

“To The Beat! Back 2 School is a hilarious and entertaining new feature film! This film is so fun and there is never a dull moment. If you are looking for an engaging drama-packed movie, this is the one for you.

Tensions at Valley Performing Arts grow high when the twins, Mackie and Mia, return from spring break. The students are put to the test when offered the opportunity to audition for one of three scholarships to the Triad Conservatory of Fine Arts in New York City. Between the huge scholarship, Mia’s new boyfriend and Mackie’s newfound friend in her longtime rival, Avery, things are bound to heat up.

There are a bunch of incredible aspects to this film. One of my personal favorites is the writing. Susan Bernhardt and Jillian Clare crafted an incredible story that has plenty of plot twists and turns to make it engaging to watch. The actors are extremely believable in their roles at Valley Performing Arts. Sydney Bourne, who plays Cassidy, is insanely talented. I love when actors and actresses that play villains can make me genuinely dislike their character enough to stir emotion within me, and Sydney Bourne was able to do just that. One small problem I found with To The Beat! Back 2 School is that since I hadn’t watched the first movie, the first few minutes were a little bit confusing, due to my lack of background knowledge. I really enjoyed how the soundtrack for the movie keeps the scenes lively and energetic. Another thing I thought kept the movie lively was the stellar choreography. Every dance scene is visually appealing and kept my eyes glued to the screen.

To The Beat! Back 2 School shows us that people can change and we should not to judge a book by its cover. Making instantaneous assumptions about a person doesn’t tell you much about them. In order to understand a person, you should get to know them first. Another valuable message is taught is about respecting other people for who they are, as a person and not based off of their talent.

I give To The Beat! Back 2 School 4 out of 5 stars and highly recommend for kids ages 8 to 18, plus adults.”
– written by “rannynm” on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title) To the Beat!: Back 2 School
Australia To the Beat! Back 2 School
Poland W rytmie 2: Powrót do szkoły
United Kingdom To the Beat!: Back 2 School
United States To the Beat!: Back 2 School


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