today the rock squad kids in the Reja family become parents for 24 hours but as Barbie and Ken In Real Life! @peja @Fayeknightly @rydertullymusic and Harleigh have crazy fun doing intense epic fitness and eating in one color challenges, parents vs kids, but you won’t believe what happens in this shocking viral video! Peja is the perfect Barbie Girl! kids become parent videos are trending on youtube! what other famous tiktokers or famous youtubers have you seen do this challenge?get ready to get familiar with pink in this video trend that is popular with kids, teens and families! famous teens on youtube have fun being parents and doing lots of extreme challenges! who else is excited for the Barbie movie to come out with @margotrobbiemovieclips5401 she is legit the perfect Barbie Girl! that movie will be trending and a viral video for sure! what other new videos are you watching this weekend? did you see our recent videos? what other family channels do you think we will collab with next?
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Sister Chooses a New Girlfriend for Brother:

$1 VS $1000 Date with Reja and Shazzy, from @FunSquadFamily @TheOhanaAdventure and Jazzy @JazzySkye Shea @OhanaBoys and special guest @NotEnoughNelsons and @JUSTKASS

Did you see these other becoming parents videos?
we love the epic one from @jordanmatter where Salish and Nidal watch Mila and Noah from the @AnazalaFamily

and watch Shea and Jazzy become parents on her channel!

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@NotEnoughNelsons finding Mom Blindfolded





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