BABY ROBBER FAMiLY!! Adley & Niko steal money from the Brookhaven Bank & Adopt a pet family with Dad

SHHH Lets go break into the Roblox bank… AS BABYS!!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Adley and Niko turned into babies and robbed the bank in Brookhaven? We can’t believe it either but today on G for Gaming SO MUCH HAPPENED! Before we started, Navey and mom came down to visit and show us a book that was scaring Navey! But it was just a funny kitty in the book. First, we finally returned to play more Roblox Brookhaven! But with a special funny twist this time. Adley had the idea that we all turn into babies and do crazy things! Niko turned into a cool baby that could do cool tricks! At first Adley, Niko and Shaun just played around as babies. Shaun and Adley tried to a find a mom or dad to be their parent but then Shaun saw a bank! Just like when we became a robber family last time, we did it again! Only this time as babies! So we robbed the bank and escaped! But suddenly Adley got caught by the cops and taken to jail! Niko and Shaun hurry and get ready to break Adley out of jail but Adley finds a vent and escapes on her own! We all meet up again and went to get ice cream to celebrate! Then Adley spawned in her robber house with a helicopter on the roof and does some crazy tricks! The next game we played we turned into little lizards and axolotls! Shaun took care of Adley and Niko has his pets. Adley turned into a big pink fox and then Niko went and hid behind a rock and was taking a nap! Adley found Niko and then Adley and Shaun said they should adopt Niko as their brother! But Adley started hitting Niko because she thought he was a stranger and not a friend! Later, Adley kept turning into all sorts of different animal pets! She turned into a kangaroo and even a giant t-rex dinosaur! Niko even shape shifted into a surfing penguin! Adley even made a crazy potion with a torch that Niko gave her! The last game we played was a crazy car crash game where we took all sorts of different cars and vehicles and drove them down a bumpy and dangerous cliff!! We drove all sorts of things down like little tiny cars, buses and rockets! This game was seriously the funniest and Niko and Adley had the funniest crashes and explosions in this game! Then after that we played Slither Simulator where we were big snakes that had to eat and grow to be the biggest snake in the game! This game was super fun and Niko and Adley tried to trick Shaun to make him crash into them and lose the game! We are always so excited to have you all here watching with us! We’ll see you next time! Keep your eyes open for more awesome G for Gaming episodes with us!

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