5 Details You Missed In BIRDS OF PREY!

Number 1
When Harley remembers getting her heart broken, she remembers two guys and one girl, and the girl is animated in the same style as Poison Ivy in Batman: The Animated Series.

Number 2
Harley adopts a hyena and names him Bruce, but in the Animated Series, she adopts two hyenas and names them Bud and Lou.

Number 3
The eggs used in Harley’s egg sandwich are actually duck eggs, because Margot is allergic to chicken egg whites and gets migraines from them.

Number 4
The brand name of the beer that Harley’s dad trades her for is Dini, which is a direct reference to Harley Quinn’s creator, Paul Dini.

Number 5
When Bruno Oliver auditioned for the role of the short order cook, he admitted that he didn’t realize how important his role and egg sandwich were to Harley’s story.


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