Superman Legacy Screen Test Actors – Film Junkee Live | DCU News

Seems that the Superman Legacy casting screen tests are close to picking their Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

0:00 – Opening
3:18 – Intro
12:16 – Da Tweets!
35:33 – Inside the Superman Legacy Casting Screen Tests
49:26 – The Flash Box Office Mess
58:03 – Jonathan Majors Situation Update
1:06:18 – Turner Classic Movies Saved by Michael DeLuca and Pamela Abdy
1:13:41 – Questions

Batman Book:










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10 thoughts on “Superman Legacy Screen Test Actors – Film Junkee Live | DCU News

  1. do you think corensweat is for general audiences and their inability to differentiate? He simply resembles other actors that have portrayed superman, why would Gunn choose someone that looks like previous actors? is he right for the part aside from his looks?

  2. There’s a million reasons why Flash bombed. Comic book multiverse fatigue, the DCEU is a lame duck universe, and of course people just don’t go to the movie theaters anymore… all of this in addition to Ezra Miller’s personally life and no Henry Cavil.

  3. Man I feel for Jonathan Majors. Another pathetic female trying to get money by lying about abuse. So god damn disgusting

  4. Thought the Flash was better than expected and I didn't expect a lot. It was fun and entertaining. Didn't like BatFlecks suit/cowl and over the top action. That whole beginning action sequence should have been shot or filmed at night and not during day. The baby saving scene was unnecessary.

  5. Corenswet being the the choice for Supes has been in the bag for at least a month and half. As much as I think Hoult is probably a better overall actor than Cornswet. Cornswet has the better overall physical look to be Kal/Clark/Supes. Hoult always has seen to be a better choice as Batman, Nightwing or Lex. Bill Skarsgard is probably the better choice to be Lex ahead of Alex.

  6. Why are we still defending the flash…the movie was meh and comparing whats going on to what happened with BvS is just bs!!!!one is fine dinning while the other is junk food!!i remember not hating on people who didn't get Zacks vision during BvS…ive learnt the international audience is more in tune with it than most americans….

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