Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse BREAKDOWN + Every Marvel Easter Egg

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Spider-Man: Across the Spdier-Verse is a worthy sequel to Into the Spider0-Verse, as it expands to connect to even more universes and the MCU’s Multiverse Saga. We explain the connections to Loki, the web of life and destiny, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and break down EVERY Spider-Person in the film.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Lee Mazzio, Colton Ogburn, and Brianna McLarty

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The easter eggs start in the title sequence, with the Marvel logo glitching to become multiple Marvel logos, symbolizing the multiple Marvel universes we see in this movie. And for a moment the sony logo glitches into the title font form the Miles Morales comic book. Just like the last movie, this one begins with the assurance that it has been approved by the Comics code authority. This was a n organization that for decades certified that comic books were safe for your children to read [won’t someone please think of the children].

A few more easter eggs in the title–sony also glitches to the spider-gwen font, the columbia logo becomes a negative image, like the spot-verse, sony animation logo becomes the same font as the s60s spider-man cartoon, and my favorite–this logo replicates the cover of amazing spider-man 300, the first full appearance of Venom.

The first movie began with narration from poetry parker, but this one begins with Gwen rating, saying let’s do this differently. This is a cool way to let us know that the last movie was initially presented from the point of view of Peter parker–the spider-man we were familiar with. But this one will be from the point of view of Gwen and miles.

This opening is a lot like spider-man 2, which began with a visual recap of the events of the first movie, painted by the artist Alex ross. She speed runs through the events of the first movie, especially highlighting the spider that bit Miles being number 42–just like it is in the comic. In the books, this was a reference to Jackie Robinson–the first black player in baseball–because Miles was the first black spider-man.

During this flashback Gwen is drumming while Mary Jane sings “not the only one,”–which contrasts the repetition of this narration in the first movie [I’ the one and only spider-man].

I loved this watercolor design of Gwen’s universe. The look seems modeled off of the beautiful covers drawn by her co-creator, Robbi Rodriguez.

The opening is also very loyal to Roriguez and co-creator Jason Latour’s comic. Spider-Gwen’s first appearance, in edge of the spider-verse issue 2, opens with her playing in her friends band–The Mary janes–and then recapping Peter’s death as the lizard, where he has the same last words, “I wanted to be special like you.”

We also see that she goes to her universe’s version of the Brooklyn Visions academy–the same school that Miles attends. Just like in the comics, Peter is her best friend, and in the movie he is bullied by someone named ned.

Doug: Ned? But that’s his best friend.

That’s his best friend in the MCU movies, but in the comics Ned Leeds was a reporter rival of Peter’s, who–at one point–was revealed to be the villain Hobgoblin.

Just like in the comic, Gwen’s dad is dead set on hunting down Spider-woman for the death of peter parker, and you’ll remember that Dennis leary’s version of Captain stacy was the same in the amazing spider-man [clip]. He blames her for the death because he sees her leaving his body behind–similar to how initially Miles’s dad blamed him for the death of his brother Aaron.

Then Jonah Jameson goes on a rant about the death of Peter Parker–and I love that in every reality, he is played by JK Smmons [him laughing]. More on him in a bit. I was so impressed with how the animators were able to create a totally different look and feel for each universe. Miles’s universe is more comic book-y, and filled with ben-day dots. Mumbattan is more like a Bollywood poster brought to life, while Gwen’s world is filled with bright pastel watercolors that are affected by her mood. Notice how the world lights up as soon as she hugs her father.

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38 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse BREAKDOWN + Every Marvel Easter Egg

  1. I wanna point out that they foreshadowed Miles being the prowler when he was talking with his "mom" in earth 42 when he quickly throws on a couple jackets instead of his normal red and black jacket colors the jackets in this universe are now purple and green thus foreshadowing he is the prowler

  2. WHERE are the other versions of Miles Morales . We had two peters (Ultimate Spider-Man) and PlayStation SpiderMan both of them have a Miles Morales Spider-Man IN their VERSE . But nowhere in the movie.

  3. I think the end of the movie was just to trick the viewer into thinking miles 42 is a villain. The first thing our Miles does when spiderman comes into his universe is tie his up on a punching bag. Miles 42 is just more intimidating like the prowler . They probably are anti heros since spiderman isn't around to stop villans.

  4. On my first run-through of the movie, I missed the entire Gwen sequence and started the movie around when Miles was fighting Spot. So I missed the recap about the Earth-42 spider biting miles but knew he was bitten by a different spider, so the twist was effective on me!

  5. Fun fact: the Japanese dub has a song by LiSA that's called REALiZE and it has an English segment

    Where LiSA says "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"

  6. So a poster in the movie references a game where you could unlock a Spiderman costume. Damn how many layers do you want your references? 😂 You could make a whole other video, what's NOT a reference in AtS

  7. What if all spidermans had to do was tell his loved ones who spiderman really is and no one wouldn't have died? AkA uncle ben moments mind blown what if by not telling gets them killed so if he tells them then they don't die sounds a little lame but whatever

  8. The big secret of the plot is that Miles is NOT the only anomaly. Miguel is also. He was never meant to be Spider-man either. He created his powers artificially which is why Miguel doesn't have a Spider-sense, but Miles does. He isn't connected to the web of destiny. I do hope that they address this in the next movie. Miguel is a Cluster B personality and like all Cluster B "every accusation is a confession". He has projected onto Miles what he knows to be true about himself. He feels a need to control the story of every other Spider-person because he knows that he doesn't actually belong among them. His story, when you look at it critically, doesn't even follow the canon pattern he is clinging to religiously. He is twisting his perception of events so that it appears to conform.

  9. Unrelated, but dogs are colour-blind, since they have a dichromatic vision, while humans are trichromatic: moreover human vision is a lot more farsighted compared to dogs

  10. My thoughts on 19999 vs 616 is that the mcu as a whole is earth 19999 but within that there are separate universes so the main universe we watch is universe 616 and then there’s universe 838 and others but all these universes r still part of the overal mcu which is earth 19999

  11. This is super nitpicking, I know, but in this video when he mentions the title glitching in the beginning, he claims one of the Sony Animations takes on the font of the ‘60s Spider-Man cartoon, when it obviously doesn’t. They don’t even look remotely the same when he shows the ‘60s title. The font is actually from the ‘80s Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars