Sedusa – All Scenes | The Powerpuff Girls

All Scenes of Ms Good-lady/Sedusa voiced by Jennifer Hale

TV Show: Powerpuff Girls (1998)

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36 thoughts on “Sedusa – All Scenes | The Powerpuff Girls

  1. "What's in the bag, Sedusa?"
    Sedusa?! Who would have guessed it?!
    "Let go!"
    "Well, what do you know? The mayor's jewels. Nice try, Sedusa, but the game's over!"
    "Ha! Never! I'll just sweet talk that sap of a professor. He'll believe me, and you three bug-eyed creeps will be grounded forever! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

  2. "And just where have YOU been? Well?"
    "Miss Goodlady!"
    "I thought I grounded you brats! I'm getting the Professor!"
    "Afraid not, Ima. He's conveniently stepped out."
    "And we know you're not such a good lady after all!"

  3. Sedusa in Sarah bellum outfit is probably why i like neurotic office attire ladies.

    And ms bellum in sedusas is probably why i like professional women with a kink.