Save AARON or Save EIN in Minecraft?!

Aphmau has to choose between Ein or Aaron!
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50 thoughts on “Save AARON or Save EIN in Minecraft?!

  1. I am mad at Zaneeeeeeeeeeeeee I want to teach him a lessonnnnnn I hate him I only love you ask now you are my top best YouTuber❤ I hate being annoying you every time leaving you choose put Bing answer

  2. Blow Zanes house up after you blow up the whole house right now first you put a lot of scaffolding that has blocks that has lava about the top and and then when they break it when Danes when Zane breaks it after a little bit he’ll see the lava his house will die after after the lava plus TNT wow

  3. I'm so confused when Zane spawn the lava golam and Aaron took the golam to the lava but IT IS A LAVA GOLAM SO you could put it on the water but at least it die