Pop Culture Crisis 397 – James Gunn Has Found His Clark Kent & Lois Lane For Superman Legacy

0:00 Intro
39:03 Cute & Cringe Of The Day
45:39 New Superman Is Walmart Brand Henry Cavill
58:18 Superchats
1:02:19 Demi Lovato Drops Pro-Abortion Anthem
1:20:53 Superchats
1:21:36 Kim Petras Calls S*x Work Empowering
1:36:19 Superchats
1:39:23 Marvel & Indiana Jones Huge Ls For Disney
1:59:21 Superchats
2:07:04 Outro

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21 thoughts on “Pop Culture Crisis 397 – James Gunn Has Found His Clark Kent & Lois Lane For Superman Legacy

  1. So glad one of Eminem's new songs was a failure especially overseas as well as politicial. Because they usually like the crap Americans reject

  2. I don't want Harry Styles anywhere near Superman who wears a dress and that includes Brad Pitt unfortunately. Also Florence Pugh is a great actress but I feel at this point to young for Lois, even a young one. It would be almost like Bosworth's casting again, age wise.

  3. Although I am among those who loved Cavil. In fact I voted on him in a poll in Entertainment Weekly year before. He was probably chosen by that time but nevertheless. Although I don't know that much about Corenswet, practically nothing in fact I don't think it's fair to call anybody a Walmart version of Cavil, yet! Whatever that means. What this panel is to young to get was that Chris Reeve was rail thin and bulked up to play the role and Corenswet will most likely go through the same transformation.

  4. Yes of course those street interviews are curated but the fact that even a single adult person on the Street wouldn't be able to tell 3x3x3 or the VP of their own country and still get to be able to decide the fate of the country via elections is a condemnation of the country's culture and education system. If you can't identify your country's current leaders you don't get to decide your country's future leaders.

  5. The new Lois Lane actress is 32, so she'll be 34 when the film comes out. We dont want another "mid" Lois, Amy Adams was frumpy and balnd looking because she was so old. I dont get the casting choices.