POOL TRICKS! Dad Teaches Son – ‘Bottom Dwellers’?! #dad #swimlessons #survivalswimming #swim #pool

Join our family as we show YOU how to teach your child to Survival Swim at home or your local pool!
Survival Swimming is the ability for a child to rescue themselves if they fall in water.
Drowning is the GREATEST risk to your child’s life but YOU can give your child skills to survive!

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Disclaimer: The instructions, advice and/or opinions depicted in this content may be dependent on, and should be considered in conjunction with, specific limitations, qualifications or exclusions which are set out in the full survival swim course offered by us. It is also general in nature and does not consider any of your or your children’s specific medical or psychological circumstances. You should ensure that you always follow applicable safety information and apply reasonable judgement when teaching children to swim.

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39 thoughts on “POOL TRICKS! Dad Teaches Son – ‘Bottom Dwellers’?! #dad #swimlessons #survivalswimming #swim #pool

  1. I'm always happy to see fathers who really love their children spending quality time with them! If only everyone knew that life is hard on us all. Everyone has moments that make them and everyone around them happy. Those moments should be allowed into the awareness of people who don't feel as blessed. It's the little things that count. This child will always love his father!❤