Playing Spark the Electric Jester 3: Full Formie

Today we’re playing Spark after the Sequel! The formie makes his own leap to 3D and it’s my favourite game of last year! A high speed game that manages to blast past all of its inspirations.


Lakefeperd Channel

Pixel Pizza Interview

R3 Demo-Reel

3-1. Spark After the Sequel 00:00
3-2. Reworked Controls & Smarter Stages 02:31
3-2b. Expansive Exploration 06:48
3-3. Sparknotes: Story Intro 09:16
3-4. The Wider World: Bonus Stages 10:53
3-5. Rail Grinding, Abilities, and Additional Adventure 13:00
3-6. Lightning Bolt Friction: Combat 18:41
3-7. A Sad, Solid Separation of Storytelling 23:26
3-8. Worldbuilding, Evolving Stages, and Gimmicks 28:51
3-8b. Speed &Score Medals 33:25
3-9. A Copycat Companion? 35:35
3-10. Insanity, Mundanity, and Music! 37:48
3-11. Throwback & Mecha Madness 42:28
3-12. Fall Damage 45:27
3-13a. Finale: A Late Spoiler Warning 48:04
3-13b. Finale: Utopia Shelter 50:01
3-13c. Finale: Clarity 53:35
3-13d. Finale: Breakdown 01:03:42
3-14. Renewable Energy: DLC 01:12:26
3-15. Series Conclusion 01:17:45

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42 thoughts on “Playing Spark the Electric Jester 3: Full Formie

  1. Wonderful video! Spark 3 was my entry to the games, but i used to listen to the ost of 1 a while back, and im really really glad i played these games 🙂

    Also, ive got a question, where did you find the scrapped suborbital scramble song? I am desperate to hear the full version.

  2. THIS is the culmination of what Lake has been currently building up to. I guess you could say this was his Avengers, or his Namek Saga moment. And godDAMN, do I want more. I honestly really wish the guy will get more recognition because he deserves every single bit of it

  3. The funniest thing about the car to me, is that not only was every single 3d platformer eventually trying this, all the way back to something like crash 3, sonic adventure 2 being the BIG one that comes to mind with this game specifically, not because the driving is comparable but, everything else lol.

  4. I'm going to be honest, I have no idea what's going on with the story.
    Or I know what (something about robots and AI turning against their creators, like they always do), but not who, why, and how.

  5. I still forget how I found your channel. I think it was because I got recced that Hooligans video at random when I was in YT's home. But my goodness dude you've knocked it out of the park with this series. At first I thought it'd be some weird knockoff that had no merits of it's own and you've shown expertly how in some ways it outdoes the very series it was inspired by. Thank you man and I hope the dev sees your love letter of a documentary on his work and understands he's appreciated.

  6. Ok, im getting these games now. Even if I don't play them, I feel like he deserves the money with how quality his games are.

    It gives me massive Nier/Nier Automata, megaman, Sonic(obviously), Undertale(??) vibes.

    It is kinda funny that Spark kept his Reaper Ability as that's just very apt for what he did.

    And i feel that every different explanation about Fark's backstory… coild all be true at the same time… at least the one Clarity gave could just be her bias with Unit 01 and their relationship.

    Regardless of my messy comment, really enjoyed the video and I also enjoyed the games ending.

  7. They went with this ending so the next game can introduce the Silver of the series and have it be about time travel to undo the mistakes. Half joking, but it would not surprise me if it went that route.

  8. So when i said that "Spark 1 reminded me a bit of my need for Earthbound like" ***i wasn't expecting that Spark 3 would literally fuel that meta weirdness with it's last level and endings XDD***. Jeeez, i need to get my hand on the games lmao

  9. Already watched this before work this morning in the triple upload, and it's time for round 2 in the dedicated video. I bought this game because of you!

  10. I just finished all the medals for the base game of spark 3. While I can see people not enjoying score and exploration medals, I was one of the 3 people that really loved the Knuckles & Rouge missions in SA2, so that was right up my alley. But man, pacific abyss in 7 minutes 45? That was an experience.

    Spark 3 is the SA3 we will never get, period. It is just that good.

  11. Maybe Im pushing it a bit, but (ending spoilers below)

    I like to think the moment when Spark responded with an "Ouch!" from the skyrocket punch given to him by Fark, was kinda of a callback to when they first met, with Fark hopping on Spark's head and him givin off the same retort

    kinda cool to think about I dunno.

  12. The "You have too many tabs open" joke freaked me out because that was the exact amount of tabs I had open, on a laptop with shitty ram no less lol

  13. With the Mecha sequence, the characters on chairs in front of a black background, and the clapping with "Congratulations!" it's obvious he's an EVA fan.

  14. Games made by one person are almost always my favorite. That's where you find the polish and ambition that really make a game special.

    This man embodies that concept and his work shines because of it.

    Well fucking done.

  15. I don't think you were just gushing over this game. Considering that this is your favourite 3d platformer, I think you've been pretty hard on it.
    For me, this is absolutely amazing. It's basically unbelievable that one guy could create this (with some help). It's always a feat for one guy to create a game, but one that's actually really good and as polished as this, again, basically unbelievable.

  16. I have a lot of things to think and say about this game so I'll condense it into an itemized list (a sonic fan with autism? no way)
    -Most important, I love Sfarx's design, it IS ugly, but in a way that's like Y2K futurist punk art, if those words make sense together. Big colors, big shapes, big spikes.
    -I don't think you're reaching at all with the connection between clarity and humans. It genuinely does explain Float's uh… "extra baggage" (I like to imagine that was a misguided attempt at prettying her up for Spark to be more trusting, but instead it seemed to just freak him out)
    -The meta aspect of spark's different runs I think is less of a plot reveal and more of that weaving of comedy you mentioned, it's kind of tying a real plot detail (this has been happening in a loop) with a gameplay detail in more of a wink and a nod kinda way
    -In the DLC final boss, the clarity you fight is named "Limerent Claritas" and looking it up, limerent apparently means "An involuntary romantic infatuation with another person, especially combined with an overwhelming, obsessive need to have one's feelings reciprocated." which I think fits perfectly. Her interest definitely seems one sided here, but also I think this reinforces how clarity really does have everyone's best interest at heart, it's just that her perception is so warped she created a sci-fi nightmare instead.
    -the score attack medals in the spark 2 levels can be difficult, however there's one optimal strategy that may or may not be a bug, I'm not entirely sure. Beddles, the little spiked weak guys, give WAY more points than any other enemy you'll commonly find. Like, I'll fight one of those dual wielding sword enemies and get 6000 points, and at the same multiplier a beddle will give me around 60,000. If you just remember where the beddles are and save them for last after racking up a huge multiplier, you can go WAY past the diamond medal with more points to spare. Terminal Dragon was the hardest one I've done so far just because of how few of those guys there are relative to other missions, but once I started prioritizing them for last, it was a cinch.
    yes this is a small version of everything I have to say, spark is huge

  17. I'm a major Sonic Adventure 2 apologist and spectacle fighter enjoyer and I agree so much with all the gushing about the gameplay, Spark 3 really feels like the game I thought I was playing when I was 8. But the story fell so flat for me at the end. As much as I like cheese and shonen nonsense I could smile and nod for most of the runtime, but the meta twist and the ultra cheese at the end was just too much for me. It felt so out of nowhere and undeserved, though watching this I see I did actually miss a lot of context not having played 1/2. That said, I love the game's sense of humour, the environmental storytelling, the themes of identity, and the way the 3D cutscenes are directed. There's a lot of great camerawork and timing and expressive animation. There's so much to love here even in the chunk that let me down. Whatever this guy makes next I'm excited for it.

  18. I've enjoyed all three of these videos so much, they've all been wonderful to watch! The hype I had for this one to come out was at it's peak. I'm kind of sad my laptop is in no way gonna be able to run a game like Spark 3, because I'm desperate to play it for myself… but this video is enough of a deep-dive to give me an enjoyable experience, and for that, I can't thank you enough.

  19. SPOILER WARNING, cuz I think it's only fair after you took the time to deliver it on the video I do the same on my comment

    amazing trilogy, but damn, that ending hits hard :(… I mean, following Spark through this series, it's kinda obvious that the dud is a child, or at least very immature and childish in their logic, and for them to be thrown into being the end of all life, and this psychological horror of an ending, it's incredibly sad. He does defeat the big evil, and it's nice that Fark rescues him from what I can only describe as a depressive spiral, but nonetheless, what's left for them? to rebuild the planet… sure, for who, the plants? all life was anihilated, it's just the two of them now. Granted, I am happy to know Spark will have Fark on his side, Fark has proven to have matured greatly through all the things he has endured and Spark sure as hell needs a more mature figure to accompany him through what he has gone, so that's nice.
    This is in no way a criticism, it is a great visual treat how it is delivered, and a fantastic series.

  20. Perfect timing – I just got done with my first playthrough of 3 a couple days ago! Your video got me to give the first game a shot and after loving that one and feeling sorta iffy on the second, Spark 3 really did click hard with me. What a banger of a series – really hope your coverage does help get it onto the charts, it absolutely deserves it. Thanks for introducing me to these games!

  21. The Sonic environment design ethos is stunning when it all comes together, and it's really only the Spark games and Sonic proper that are doing it. With such a focus on massive, impractical scale, I'm surprised that full-on mechas didn't show up sooner.

  22. I played 2 after 3, and honestly, I'm kind of glad I did. Experiencing the story solely through Spark's eyes and with the same information he had, then going back to play 2 and getting all that context heightened the experience for me. I'm not saying that's how everyone should approach the series, but I genuinely think that this is one of the best examples of two games where you can play them in either order, where the experience will be radically different, but just as valid and entertaining. Spark is so fucking good

  23. The passion you have for this series is really cool. I don't even like these types of games but watching you talk about them so makes me want to download them myself.

  24. You managed to articulate why I enjoy these games well, and even offered some new perspectives on story elements I missed. Just curious, thought since you cut it from the Spark 2 video you’d add it here, don’t get why cut the section where you explain why Technoria City has the best music ever.
    But seriously, you said this game is missing the old composers but mention Cliqtrack as a contributor – need to double check but pretty sure Cliqtrack is like the studio name James Landino, Falk, Funk Fiction and Andy Tunstall work under (need to double check with No Straight Roads’ credits)

  25. pfffft basically its like shadows hero he was inspiring to be like pulled a mr dikovitch from spider man when his so close to defeating the big bad villain.

  26. You are so good at your craft Tehsnakerer. Thanks for making me aware of this set of games. Totally going to buy the set now. E: lmao the collection is; "Spark it up, Fark it up!"

  27. Thanks for giving a proper introduction to this delightful series and it's creator to so many people, including myself. As a mild sonic fan that loves media with a continuous natural flow to it, Spark 1's journey had a lot of appeal to me; I've not finished either of the sequels but it makes me so happy to play another game that controls like Adventure titles but with more polish and it's own identity and iteration. Lake really is an inspiring figure and I have trouble fathoming his work ethic and continual growth; not to overlook the musical contributors to his projects either since they are all majorly talented and help breath identity into these games and levels.

    On the note of continued refinement, your ability to relentlessly weave wordplay seems to have reached a new peak with this entry. There seems to be more pun-for-pound than ever before — personal favorite was the "showing the ropes" segment: took me a second listen to catch the taught/taut homophone there.