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He’s also a mobster who desires to rule over the Gotham City underworld and a criminal who loves to rob banks and try to acquire enough wealth to make his most twisted dreams a reality. Harley Quinn just like your favorite Gotham supervillain look with this officially licensed wig show the! Understandably, the internet (that thing you’re on, right now, and all the time) has had a bit of a go at knocking-up some ideas of what he’ll look like as the infamous baddie. Get the entire look right. The 47-year-old even broadcast his uneventful stroll through the crowds via the video streaming app Periscope, much to the subsequent lamentations of fans who saw themselves walking right past Dr Bruce Banner himself. Red Hood is tasked with leading the Suicide Squad as they infiltrate Gotham in their ploy to kill Joker, who has been taking money from the Russians to fund his crime sprees. Lastly, his red hood is an actual part of the costume, and not burdened by any hard-helmets or faceplates such as the ones he’s sported in Batman: Urban Legends or Future State: Gotham. Where this costume differs from others, however, is in the shirt worn underneath the jacket, and the use of a hood.

Additionally, he sports a classic black leather jacket, matching pants, sexy joker costume and biker gloves. First, he sports the domino mask usually worn by Robins, and that he often wears underneath his own cowl. For instance, Red Robin and Nightwing both kept their domino masks as an integral part of their costumes after leaving Batman’s employ, and Damian has kept his as well after he ran away from home and entered the Lazarus League. The costume also comes with red and blue sequinned shorts and a black belt with silver studs. The sort of tunic Red Hood wears underneath his leather jacket appears to be almost like a grown-up version of the classic Robin vest he wore as Batman’s sidekick, complete with a utility belt. These new cosmetic items were showcased via a short clip that gave players a glimpse of what these characters would look like in-game. While even DC Comics lovers aren’t entirely sure what the plot is going to be yet, one thing has been certain for more than a year, and that’s which characters will be onscreen, from Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress to Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang and Will Smith’s Deadshot. What you should consider: While the hoodies are offered together, they are sold separately.

Just one more day until Warner Bros’ hotly anticipated anti-hero movie Suicide Squad is released in both UK and US cinemas and it’s safe to say, the fans are done waiting! Story updated to reflect response from Warner Bros. In recent years, a timeline reboot (long story) has her back in the suit as Batgirl but still capable of serving as oracle when needed. The most common story involves him falling into a tank of chemical waste which bleaches his skin white, turns his hair green, and his lips bright red; the resulting disfigurement arguably the reason that he became insane. Joker when chemicals dyed his skin in the vat he escaped through, which drastically changes his appearance to the familiar evil clown face we’ve come to know. Scarecrow: Very well. But know this: it’ll be an act of mercy when you do. In later comics she befriends fellow baddie Poison Ivy, who injects her with an antitoxin which gives her increased agility and strength as well as immunity to toxins.

So to gear everyone up for tomorrow (5 August), IBTimes UK have been rolling out a day-by-day guide as to who’s who in the film. As various creators have taken the reigns of the character and updated him, the former Robin turned anti-hero has grown a lot from a tragically murdered ward to a man beset by his inner demons. ’s limited six-issue run, readers can find a different version of Red Hood taking center stage, one whose costume shows off the type of man Jason Todd could have become if he was never murdered by The Joker. Jason has been gradually “rehabilitated” to grow closer to the Bat-Family, readers have seen his costume gradually change to reflect his personal style, while acknowledging his roots in the Bat-Family. Joaquin Phoenix has taken an unusual stand this year by pledging to wear the same Stella McCartney suit for each event, and he now looks to have stepped out in the black tux at the British Academy Film Awards. With the number of flights taken to get to each ceremony and the emissions involved in making each new red carpet outfit, awards season isn’t particularly environmentally friendly. Brian Azzarello and Alex Maleev, Red Hood has been arrested and conscripted into the Suicide Squad for an important mission: assassinating the Clown Prince of Crime himself.

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