My Week At The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2023

The Gathering of the Juggalos is the last non-commercial music festival left. The stigma around this festival, and those who attended, is less than positive to many in the mainstream world, but what is this festival actually like? Please, join me as I give you guys a look at my week at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

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Yeah… I totally meant to put “THE used it or not” at the end, instead of “THEY used it or not”…
Also, I refused to spin the wheel.

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31 thoughts on “My Week At The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2023

  1. Anybody ever run into a big bald headed dude with one hand at the gathering? He's an old friend who had been going since year 1. You still out there Stub?

  2. i've been to Legend Valley back in 2017 for the first year of Lost Lands…anyway i just wanna say, the sheer dedication alone to the single porta-potty is commendable. To be fair too, these are some super clean festival toilets, like goddamn!

  3. Yeah I’m all set. This video confirmed all my suspicions.
    And why do you have a problem with artists doing collaborations with other famous artists? Like him or not, Tom Macdonald has made more then a lot of modern rappers. If that triggers you, you’re the one with a problem

  4. We appreciate your sacrifice during the, horrible horrible awful no good wet t-shirt contest, luckily you toughed it out for us. I've been fortunate enough to perform at 2 gatherings, and while those yielded mixed results, I did always have a great time. Thanks again for taking one for the team, so we can bear witness the debauchery.

    edit: I posted this before watching the whole vid, so there may be other edits incoming lol, but anyway, I was there the year that The Ying Yang twins were booed off stage, not sure if yall remember that, that was something we knew was coming from the moment we read the lineup. I didn't participate in booing them off-stage myself, but I was in the audience for that one, as an artist I was kind of pissed off, as a juggalo….come on, we were pretty vocal about not wanting them there lol. In retrospect, that's not really the juggalo way, but they were a mainstream act as well. Tricky stuff, what do yall think about it?

    edit 2: "and celebrated by showing us his butthole" his probably one of the funniest and most appropriate things I've ever heard in reference to the gathering.

  5. I think its dumb that you guys threw shit at ANY of the acts. If you dont like the act, fucking leave man. Id be pissed if i couldnt see riff raffs whole set

  6. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO 😂❤ ALSO, thank you for labeling you sections with the artists I was tryna look for Ouija Macc again, haha