My Dog Becomes a Father | Part 1

My Dog Becomes a Father | Part 1

It is long overdue but finally here by popular demand! The day Tucker became a father and got to meet his son Todd for the very first time. This day will forever be cherished in our memories. Tucker and Todd quickly became best friends and the best moments are right here!

What was your favorite part?

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30 thoughts on “My Dog Becomes a Father | Part 1

  1. This video has been long overdue! Thank you for so much your patience with our upload schedule 💛 Linda has health problems so it makes editing and keeping up with posts difficult. But we are so excited when we can share our lives with you all! We love you guys!

  2. I have not watched this for at least 30 times … I cannot get enough please she’s posting this. I’m gonna have to just save it. 😅