Moments In The Flash That Make Absolutely No Sense

What does Michael Keaton’s appearance in “The Flash” mean for Tim Burton’s “Batman” movies? Why was Supergirl not so super in that final battle? And how does this time travel thing even work? These are the moments in “The Flash” that make absolutely no sense.

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The Batmobile | 0:00
Batfleck’s costume | 1:14
Michael Keaton’s Batman | 2:21
Barry saves his dad | 3:26
Supergirl’s defeat | 4:17
Supergirl leaves, then returns | 5:14
Tim Burton-verse | 6:13
Why does Zod attack Metropolis? | 7:12
The future of the DCEU | 8:19

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8 thoughts on “Moments In The Flash That Make Absolutely No Sense

  1. Jesus Christ you guys are insufferable. Stop making it so complicated, nobody thought about all these things ffs. The movie failed bcoz of Ezra, bad storyline & everyone knows this movie has no connection to DC's future so what's the point

  2. Actually, this version of Kara was not exposed to Earth's yellow sun as long as Henry Cavill's Superman was, thus, making her weaker than Superman.

    This exposes another plot hole though because, had Flash stopped Supergirl from being captured by the Russians, allowing her to absorb sunlight in line with that duration that Cavill's Superman was exposed to, the Kara could have equalled Superman's strength and abilities, and DARK Flash would never have existed.

    Though the movie was fun, it was also poorly handled, not that I could have done any better, but the plot holes require a lot of suspension of disbelief.

  3. Too many writers these days are using the tropes of time travel and multiple universes to cover up the fact that they can't write at all and can't keep anything in continuity even without time travel.

  4. Saw this today much better done and structured than Avengers Endgame which is a good film.

    The Flash IMHO is a masterpiece and will become a cult classic.

    Made complete sense to me and had nice homage to The "Lost In Space" late 1990s film's temporal paradox that set up the whole of that film.