Modded smash but everyone is their canon size…

i figured why not get a little spicy with the canon sizes

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Music used:
Clock Tower – Marvel vs Capcom 2
Hawkeye Theme – Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Wet Hands – Minecraft
Sophia’s Shop – Persona 5 Strikers
Dummy – Undertale
Konga Conga Kappa – Crypt of the Necrodancer
Theme of Knuckles – Sonic Mania Adventures
Voltaic Black Knight – Devil May Cry V
Oh It’s You – A Hat In Time
Spider Dance – Undertale
Annoying Dog – Undertale
Ryu’s Theme – Street Fighter VI
Wolverine Theme – Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Route 209 – Smash Ultimate
Outro: Beneath the Mask – Persona 5

Thanks for watching yall! Here’s a recap on the methodology used to make the mod.

I decided on a benchmark character that the whole rest of the cast would revolve around as a reference; that character is marth. Marth is 5’8” (172cm) tall in Fire Emblem and he is that size in smash bros. His model was not touched.

Now that we established his height, I needed a way to measure him through smash. The way i did that was through the training mode stage, which has square units all throughout. I found that way that marth was roughly 18.05 units tall

So now that we know 68 inches = 18.05 smash units, we can solve the height for the rest of the cast. All we would need to do is find their canon height and their ingame smash units.

For smash units it was simple, just tedious- had to estimate as best i could for some of them since very few characters in the game stand up straight lol

But for canon height it was a little tricky.. Like i said in the vid, for many characters it is not confirmed and so speculation is involved. I did my best in researching and using other people’s past research of smash ult character heights (many of which conflicted with each other). Didn’t obsess the details too much and just did what i thought reasonable

yall know i had to make this vid again after getting like 5 mil views on the last one LMAOO; but was still fun! this new twist def made it cool

Hope yall enjoyed! Let me know if you want me to use the canon sized fellas again, but for now i’ll catch ya later 🙂

#tcnick3 #smashbrosultimate #canon

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32 thoughts on “Modded smash but everyone is their canon size…

  1. 1:43 actually it’s name is the armored titan,and in the first episode which if u didn’t know the giant ass titan is the colossal titan…now ppl r gonna reply to me with “🤓” bc i just wanted to remind it…well now i hate my life.

  2. Reminder: Wolverine has singlehandedly taken down a Mk. 1 Sentinel before, which were closer to the size of the Colossal Titan than the Armored Titan.

  3. bro if they make another one of these, they should make someone Tails lol. Apparently he is 2 ft 7 in for an 8 yr old. I am honestly concerned for tails lol bc normal 8 yr olds are usually 4 ft…😑

  4. You that’s a pretty cool Frisk model, if there was an official 3D version of Undertale I’d definitely like the model for Frisk to look something like that