Miraculous is Garbage (and Here’s Why)

Miraculous Ladybug is a French show made by Thomas Astruc and ZAG Studios. The series is about a girl named Marinette and a boy named Adrien who stop the machinations of the evil Hawk Moth. That sounds good but is actually terrible, join me as I sift through this wasted concept of a series and explain why its so bad.
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00:00:00 – Thesis
00:01:14 – Animation
00:07:06 – Marinette
00:19:03 – Adrien
00:32:01 – Chloé
00:42:00 – Characters (Thesis)
00:42:35 – Characters (Ladybug)
00:43:59 – Characters (Chat Noir)
00:45:00 – Characters (Queen Bee)
00:46:24 – Characters (Hawk Moth)
00:47:45 – Characters (Alya)
00:48:58 – Characters (Nino)
00:50:45 – Characters (Luka)
00:52:27 – Characters (Kagami)
00:53:51 – Characters (Chloé 2.0)
00:55:45 – Characters (Nathalie)
00:57:19 – Characters (Lila)
00:59:17 – Characters (Wang Fu)
01:00:32 – Characters (Conclusion)
01:01:31 – Story (Gabriel/Dracula)
01:08:07 – Story (General Plot/Bad Writing)
01:19:54 – Romance
01:30:25 – Season 4
01:42:30 – Thomas
01:54:18 – Conclusion
01:59:07 – Thank You/End Cards

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36 thoughts on “Miraculous is Garbage (and Here’s Why)

  1. I agree with most of your points but you are wrong on a couple of things in the “racism” section.

    1:46:32 he’s not based on Viking culture, he’s based on Asterix, a cartoon and comics character who is a Gaulish warrior (barbarians inhabiting France before France was a thing) fighting against the Roman Empire. It’s a bit of an old series, I can see why you didn’t know about it especially if you’re not European, but it’s based on French culture, not just a random supervillain thing. Like, they may not get their POC characters spot on, but the French writers… know how to write French culture well. At the very least.

    Also, Gina (Marinette’s grandma) isn’t Russian, she’s Italian! I don’t know if they changed it in other dubs but “Befana” is an Italian tradition, and she sings Italian opera when akumatized.
    Let me explain something: while not just present in Italian culture, “Befana” is a magical being taking the appearance of a sweet old woman, that on the night between the 5th and 6th of January (a festivity called Epifania) gifts candy to good kids and coal to bad kids. That’s what the episode was referencing. She is a staple of ITALIAN culture. I get it that her and her husband are white passing, but European non-mainstream cultures get shafted enough by mainstream media, so seeing people not doing proper research makes me a little mad. Of course, I get this video must have been hard to write, but please do better research next time, really.

  2. I began to lose faith in this show in season 4 and completely lost it in the season 5 finale. Most fans would be season 3 with Chloé failed redemption, but I actually liked Chloé failed redemption because i was sick and tired of the redemption trope being overused at the time. Marinette gave her a second chance and Chloé abused that trust. Also how could people think she had a chance at redemption when her first act with a Miraculous was revealing her identity and crashing a train full of people in it? Still, between her and Zoe, i would much rather have a redeemed Chloé. I legit thought at first that Zoe was future Chloé.
    Now the reason why I lost fate in this show was… Lukanette and Adrigami. We spent a season and a half building this relationship up and made them canon in the season 3 finale…only for it to be ended in the first episode afterwards!? Yeah we knew Adrienette was endgame, but we had to wait a year and a half for Season 4, so we all expected these ships to last longer and not one episode! And what's worse is that the entire reason Luka and Marinette break up, which is due to Marinette's secret identity, is fixed in the same season because Luka finds out! Meaning their entire breakup loses value! I legit stopped watching after this and waited for the season to fully air because they also aired the episodes in the wrong order.
    And I don't think I need to explain why I lost faith in the season 5 finale:
    -Marinette is the only one to fight Gabriel.

    -No confrontation between Adrien and Gabriel.

    -Gabriel is seen as a hero.

    -Marinette lets her guard down when she has given Gabriel MULTIPLE chances to give up

    – She thinks its a good idea to keep his secret identity from EVERYONE

    – The reveal still hasn't happened.

    – Felix doesnt receive any kind of punishment for helping a terrorist. And even if that doesn't count, he should receive some punishment for Thanos snapping 99% of Paris.

    – The Guardian instead of helping the heroes train, trains Luka and Jagged Stone.

  3. Tomas treats Adrien like Gabriel does. Not wanted, and ignores until needed for display as an object. Adrien deserves so much better. As both a writer and someone with CPTSD and possible autism like him, it’s sad to see what they do with him or rather, lack there of.

  4. 1:24:58 , why do you need for there to be LGBTQ couples , people like you who demand that are the reason for the greater divide and anti LGBTQ narrative of the right wing and recent failures of shows who pander for people like you and produce shows that give you that but nothing else

  5. i recently finished season 5 of miraculous and they really took Chloe's character development and said
    ''haha no f*ck you'' 🙁

    i feel like would have deserved to be Queen Bee, even if everyone knew who she was… they could have figured something out, I'm sure.. but just shoehorning Zoe into it just so someone fills the spot for the Bee Miraculous certainly wasn't the right choice …

  6. I just wanted to mention that there is a movie called miraculous ladybug awakening that is coming out it's not written by the show director is written by someone else can't remember the name it's on I'm sure someone will let you know once I've posted this but I've seen the trailer to it it looks really good and I think you might like it if you want to watch it obviously it's up to you

  7. I dropped the show entirely because what they did to Chloe. She went from my least favorite to "i actually love her" because of the Queen Bee's arc and then all of that just got ruined because the creator hate her and don't want her to get the hero role anymore. Bs as heck

  8. 1:25:12 EXACTLY!!! Look I don’t really like the show but I stay FOR Marc and Nate, I loved those two since the they were introduced, loved the Reverser episode and Evilstraitor is still my top favorite episode because it’s about Nate. I really do wish the show would give those two more screen time or at least an episode centered(obviously not fully centered) around them. I really love the two and would wish they get more screen time then they do now

  9. Great video, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of your channel! Idk if this is out of pocket but you seem to like mlp and I’m BEGGING for mlp content esp combined with your reviewing skills.

  10. A female character or real life person who i can compare Marinette to, hopefully I don't get any hate from this, is Selena Quintanilla. Both the Movie and Series showed us that she has a crush on a guy named Chris and her father and sister wanted to prevent them from being in a relationship. Selena developed feelings for Chris and vice versa and even admitted that both make them feel different. Hell, when Selena's father, Abraham, confronted her and Chris, Selena stood her grounds and said that she doesn't want to leave him since Chris was the only good thing/person that came to her music career.

    You can watch either Movie or Series, they both have their flaws about what was true through the journeys, but they're both good regardless of the flaws.

  11. A week ago, I checked Twitter and came across Astruc replying to someone criticizing his show and him saying that they should try and write 3000+ (words) scripts and then get back to him. It just pissed me off because people are doing that, you've got 100,000+ fanfictions of this show and a lot of videos that break down how the story would go overall, honestly, I want someone to gain the rights to this and just reboot it differently, making it PG or TV-14 (idc) and make the main characters 16! Give us something better that can teach good lesson to kids

  12. the portrayal of abuse in this show is abysmal. i remember using this show as an emotional crutch as a child specifically due to adrien's depiction as a victim. seeing him, through his hero persona, be granted relief from his father's control and the space to excert free will and experience the world he'd been isolated from for his entire life, while building his own unique identity, was so therapeutic and inspired me to hold out and hope for better days. it's been almost 8 years since then, it's a shame how downhill the writing went lol

  13. I agree with all of your parts, but I kinda want to correct you on a few things.

    1. Tomoe Tsurugi’s transformation. While it is Japanese looking, centaurs aren’t a thing in Japanese mythology. So it’s more like a combination of European and Asian culture in a way.

    2. The whole Oni-chan thing: In Japanese mythology, the “Oni” are Japanese orc monster with giant horns and fangs, hence why Oni-chan looks like that. Granted, like you said, it kinda has to relate to Kagami being Japanese, but I just wanted to point that out.
    Also, “Oni-chan” doesn’t technically mean “demon child”. “Chan” is a suffix when used to referring to a young Japanese girl. “Oni-chan” is also a pun on the word “onii chan”, which means “big brother” and is reference to the meme in the anime community.