Miley Cyrus EXPOSES Liam For Cheating On Her With Jennifer Lawrence

Miley Cyrus EXPOSES Liam For Cheating On Her With Jennifer Lawrence

It’s time for some truth-telling as Miley Cyrus exposes Liam Hemsworth for cheating on her with Jennifer Lawrence! In this tell-all video, the pop sensation reveals all of the intimate details about Liam’s infidelity.
Get ready for a shocking and emotional journey as Miley bares her soul and lays it all out on the table. This is a must-watch for anyone who has followed the Miley and Liam saga.

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38 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus EXPOSES Liam For Cheating On Her With Jennifer Lawrence

  1. I always had a weird feeling about Jennifer lawrence being so quirky and 'relateable' . She always gave of very particular vibes and now looking at that an Pratts marriage after the filming together…HMMMM

  2. I DNT think Liam & Jennifer had anything more then a vary tight friendship if. Alissa happened it happened DNT u kiss ur friends? I have a tight friendship w a life long friend everyone always thought we would get married but no we nvr did w kissed yes but not in a romantic way, we have seen each other @ our lowest of lowest & our highs of highs, he was there w me while giving birth cuz my husband was cheating on me, missed the birth of our first born, I filed 4 divorce raised our son alone til my friend stepped up 2 play dad. It nvr went any where w us but I wouldn't change a thing I. So very lucky 2 have him as my buddy wouldn't change it 4 anything. So stop the rumor mills….we can all have opposite sex friends just so ya knw.😊❤

  3. Meh, he isn't even that hot imo. She will do better. As far as the old "we're best friends" or "only friends" line it's b.s. If it makes your S.O. uncomfortable you should respect their feelings. Idc they might think they are only friends but you are putting yourself in a risky situation by spending time alone with a member of the opposite sex (in the case of hetero couples) and asking for trouble

  4. Liam took advantage of mily. Man knows who’s in love with him.he uses her for money not love.hes a good looking man but not rich, mily is growing up with money and successful kid and successful parents and Liam is an actor but not alots of projects so thier you go.

  5. Miley is the best than the other…no politics, real one, do the best for herself on all her endevour…. the other one is going nowhere … to hell hmmmm

  6. Liam is NOT HOT and I don’t care hot “HOT” someone is that’s no excuse to suck face with someone who is NOT their spouse or who you know is married point blank period. If they say they are separated don’t fall for it that still means they are married. Unless you see that paper saying divorces never believe it. My ex lied to me about his wife having her boyfriend living with them and they WERE getting divorced…after 15 years I find out yes he got divorced but remarried behind my back. I waisted my life on a manipulative narcissist who was with dozens of women even paying hookers. I may have been a dumb kid but I definitely learned how they play the games they do. So if anything good comes from my living nightmare and waisted life I hope it is to pass along some wisdom ALWAYS check the facts and ALWAYS go with your gut. Your heart can deceive you and lead you down the wrong path but your gut your soul even your brain will always know the truth. If you ever have questions about what’s happening that is a sign something is wrong. Don’t have blind faith check the facts always. Be safe.

  7. Friend Zoned! Nothing happened with them.
    My guy best friend is GAY. A woman and a man cannot be "best friends" honestly. The guy is just waiting for consent and then they're no longer best friends. So they friend zoned each other or she friend zoned him

  8. Miley and Jennifer are great artists, dont blame a woman for stealing a man When a love story is ending, is ending, thats it. A man is not a pupet, is a human being, and they decide if they wana stay with you ore live. And the show must go on…

  9. I don't buy the whole "it's okay cause they were on a break" argument. I think if you hook up with someone else during a break for meaningless sex, comfort or to try move on emotionally that's fair. But of all the people to do that with he chose his "best friend" suggesting there was always something deeper between him and Jen even when he was with Miley. That would be very hard to accept in any scenario.

  10. Women like Jennifer are so disgusting. Lusting after a married man and acting on it. She assumed that he would be with her but he used her and doesn't even respect her. She also ruined her karma because some will do the same thing to her. I dont excuse the cheater Liam, because he was the scoundrel who broke Miley's heart.

  11. Jennifer Lawrence!!??… shouldn’t break your vows but celebrities seem to take different bows it seems. At least you’ll have a song forever memorizing you, you were that important Chris Hemswoths brother what’s your face. At least is wasn’t Chris but then again he was much smarter to date a grown woman instead of Miley 🤪. she’s just not marriage material. Too much drama and to have someone write songs about you sounds like a nightmare. What’s next? How small his thing was?