MBMBaM 668: A Honeypot for Rita Repulsa

We’ve run out of search engines, so we’ve sent the spiders out crawling around for new things, and what they’ve discovered is that we curse a lot. Anyway it turns out we owe the swear jar over $10,000, so go on over to Batreon to help us out, and then we can say older and cooler cuss words.

Suggested talking points: I Can Buy You Dump Time, Touch the Fish, Human Penguin, Batman Doesn’t Keep His Grades Up, Slive Mas

World Central Kitchen:

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19 thoughts on “MBMBaM 668: A Honeypot for Rita Repulsa

  1. That curse counter is real easy to code for every episode, might do that this afternoon if nobody else has

    Update: it is done. Currently maximumfun only has 351 episodes transcribed but the code can easily accomedate any new episodes

  2. My name is Rita and I selectively decided to stop reading the title after my name so thankyou brothers for this episode, your honey pot is very effective on all breeds of Rita apparently!