MARTHABOX: The Pointless Life And Meaningless Death of The DCEU – PART 4 (Re-Upload)

PART 4 of 4 – “KING DUMB COME” (RE-UPLOAD for Copyright Purposes)

Timetamps PENDING!

With the DC Extended Universe (aka “The DCEU,” aka “The SnyderVerse”) about to be put out of its misery by the continuum-reboot shennanigans of “THE FLASH;” I begin my look back through (almost!) every review, video essay, etc I published on the subject in chronological order from the release of “MAN OF STEEL” in 2013 to the total collapse of Warner Bros as a studio in the ongoing present. It’s The story of Hollywood and the art of mainstream moviemaking at an inflection point: Sprawling, hard to believe but for the fact that we all watched it happen saga – at once comical yet infuriating and deeply sad – of how hubris, greed, mismanagement, misunderstanding, chasing trends while failing to grasp them and the demonic influence of the Sunk Cost Fallacy turned a “sure thing” into a decade-long garbage fire that eventually burned down one of the last great Movie Studios.

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49 thoughts on “MARTHABOX: The Pointless Life And Meaningless Death of The DCEU – PART 4 (Re-Upload)

  1. Oh man, I came back to hear movie Bob but dang…. Just can't do it. The run on sentence structure, it's like I gotta devote my full attention to Bob to even register what he's saying. I'm from the Midwest, we speak fairly fast, but dang Bob, I'm here to casually listen to your points made, not studying for a test devoting 100% attention. PAUSE MAN PAUSE!

  2. The DCEU was so pointless, you can't even learn anything new from using it as a negative example — because there were already plenty of definitive examples for every single "teachable lesson" there, but somehow those responsible managed to ignore every single one of them.  It wasn't a bold but failed experiment; it was stupid people doing stupid things for stupid reasons, without any reasonable excuse for it, because film-making as an art form already knew they were stupid, from hard-won experience.

    Oh, and there were way too many Police Academy movies, because it had a really slappin' theme song that had no business being that catchy and awesome — but it was anyway.  And we all paid the price. 😉

  3. You wanna talk hypocrisy? How about acknowledging Disney's recent problems instead of constantly harping on Warner Brothers? Yes, the latter failed more spectacularly than the former (so far), but that's no excuse for willful ignorance.

  4. [You know the drill, everybody!]

    Man. The worst part, of course, is that not only was this whole folly completely avoidable, but we've already seen other companies very publicly make these exact same monumental screwups.

    Screwup #1: Acquiring a property because it's hot while having massive, naked contempt for every single thing it stands for. A doomed paradigm I saw play out in real time with Dic gaining the rights to Sailor Moon. Remember that one? The initial marketing painting it as a freaking action-packed two-fisted SHONEN series, and when it became clear that wouldn't wash they just Americanized all the names, ruthlessly cut out all Japanese references, and mangled the dialogue and episode structure beyond recognition? Oh, and cravenly turned all the girlfriends and outright lesbians into family members with no romance. And that sickening pattern repeated itself worldwide. We never saw the senshi and Zoicite and the Stars as they actually were because every foreign company that got their slimy hooks into Sailor Moon was full of raging misogynists and homophobes locked into a repressive cishet mentality. Same deal with Superman and the Justice League. This does not work as grimdark. You want grimdark, get the rights to Spawn, or Barracuda, or, or… Dock Walloper. (Sorry, not really my thing.) Not A-listers, to be sure, but at least it fits!

    Screwup #2: Getting locked into a regressive mentality and failing to capitalize on golden opportunities as a result. WCW was really bad about this. They were flying high with international stars and high-flying Cruiserweights, and every so often they'd stumble on something big like Bret "Hitman" Hart or Rap is Crap. The response from the brass was always the same: "No! No! We wanna do it this way! WAAAAHHH!" Meanwhile Vince McMahon completely struck out with a young legacy named Dwayne Johnson with a corny "Blue Chipper" gimmick, saw WCW acquisition Steve Austin go absolutely nowhere as Ted DiBiase's golden boy, and just couldn't hit the right note with career journeyman Mick Foley. He realized things weren't working and made some adjustments. You know how this story ends. WB had a big hit with Wonder Woman doing little more than allowing her to be a feminist icon, then scored a breakthrough with Shazam by allowing him to be a goofy but righteous and bighearted manchild, then turned the world upside down with Aquaman by… well, not clinging to his Superfriends incarnation, pretty much. Literally all they did was MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO FROM THE COMICS and they had three can't-miss franchises. Two get driven off a cliff and the other killed cold, for little reason other than they hurt someone's feelings.

    Both of which tie in to the biggest screwup of all, pretending that it's still the freaking 60's. Never mind the fact that between the outrageous cost of education, a barren job market, constant economic woes, environmental calamity, endless gun violence, and of course the pandemic, two generations and counting have enough goddam grimdark in their lives as it is, so they're not exactly raring to see it on screen. WB is openly marginalizing nearly all their prominent female characters (and quite frankly it's a miracle Harley Quinn hasn't been curbstomped yet), refusing to so much as downplay a known felon with a history of domestic abuse, and giving ungodly mountains of cash to a complete Neanderthal while the company gushes money like a broken dam. You know why so many companies are now advertising as LGBTQ-friendly and promoting racial inclusiveness? Because they have to. Straight white male scumbags are not enough to sustain a business in the 21st century, and certainly not one with the expenses of a movie studio.

    The story of MCEU vs. DCEU can be summed up as follows: One got it right, the other refused to get it right. Never much of a contest as a result.

  5. Thank you for the video, Bob (and I am really sorry for this copyright claims nonsense forcing you to re-upload the video)!

    Despite I appreciating the Snyder Cut of the "Justice League" movie for existing, it not felt that different from the original theatrical version. The running time of four hours was not worth either. Being released in a miniseries format would make it easier to watch. And considering how the movie was released on streaming, Zack Snyder insisting on the IMAX aspect ratio, when most people do not have access to the required media systems to watch it at home, it felt as just pure pettiness by Snyder.

    I love Batman! He is my most favorite DC Comics (non-)superhero. However, Bruce Wayne/Batman is a person with many emotional issues. Putting him isolated into a very grounded and realistic setting will probably not work at the long term. Bruce Wayne's parents were gun down by a thief, he grows up and becomes a multibillionaire, and instead of trying to eliminate crime and corruption using his wealth and influence, he decides to suit up as a bat and beat down regular criminals at night. If "The Batman" (2022) movie is trying to deconstruct his methods of vigilatism by saying that they are not working in the greater scheme of the setting, it really needs to commit to that idea until the end and "kill" the figure of the Batman. But with the movie trying to set a sequel, it would never be a permanent resolution. As you said, "The Batman" (2022) would be better as a standalone movie.

    What most baffles me about the cancellation of (at least, almost) finished movies is Warner-Discovery using them as tax write-offs. Shareholders and CEOs, the 1% having the nerve of complaining about taxes and keeping their earnings of millions, while during mergers and aquisitions, multiple people working behind the cameras are the ones losing their jobs and struggling to survive. Capitalism at its worst! Corporations should not have so much control over what is seen as part of our popular culture! And you mentioning David Zaslav being well known for only pushing for unscripted reality TV shows is very relevant, especially now during the ongoing writers' strike (pay your writers, Zaslav!).

    Regardless their reception, I wonder if the biggest problem with the "Black Adam" and "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" movies is most viewers feeling like they do not matter anymore at the end of the DCEU. Because of that, I fear that the "Blue Beetle" and "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" movies will suffer similar fates. I understand that James Gunn is trying to keep in check the haters and the toxic side of the fanbase of the DCEU. However, if he and Peter Safran want the DCU to be successful, they need to bury down the DCEU for good, and start from zero, including using a new cast of actors. My only fear is, with "The Batman" (2022) sequel gearing to go, and Gunn also announcing a "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" movie, there will be two different Batman movies competing against each other.

  6. Engagement Comment for the Dread Youtube Algorithm!

    I hope the young up and coming actors involved in the DCEU have successful lives and careers separate from the mess this turned into. Ray Fisher and the Shazam kids deserve better.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should expand my library of Youtube creators, maybe try something new. Then I'm reminded of the sludge that's out there and no, I'm happy in my nerd bubble without all that.

    I keep seeing people online being like "How could this not succeed, this is such a great premise! Think of the story ideas!" And every time I think "Okay, come up with ten story outlines, with a cast, plot, and not just a rehash of something done before." (I saw this a lot with Doctor Who fans wanting spinoffs with Lady Me and Clara, but no substance underneath) Sometimes a cool premise isn't enough to sustain a franchise, even if you wish otherwise.

  7. You blame Musk for not taking care of bots on Twitter in early 2021? I have no emotions related to a movie I watched a little of and then turned off (if I remember correctly, to put on a BritBox murder mystery), but that makes you seem a bit temporally impaired.

  8. Reposting my comment from the original because Warner Bros are fucking crybabies

    16:25 which is fucking impressive, considering the intro of the first game is this ham-and-cheese sandwich of an unintentionally-schlocky, low-budget parody of hammy, cheesy, unintentionally-schlocky, low-budget Y-movie horror films.
    16:45 and just like with J. Stephanie Sterling's reviews of BOTW & TOTK, that 7 is still too generous of a score.
    20:16 Okay seriously, where and how did you get this leaked footage of DC Studios?????
    22:30 ngl, if the unreleased Batgirl movie was just an hour and a half of the cheap-ass CGI that's in this clip? I'd still be madge at Zaslav for not releasing it.
    22:33 Moviebob "Nostradamus" Chipman
    54:30 Didn't Don Lemon get booted for out-of-touch misogynistic comments about a democrat politician being "pAsT hEr pRiMe" or some shit? Or was that another "firing of James Gunn"-style scam?

    1:01:07 To shamelessly copypaste "reiterate" what I said in the comments of the original video:

    "Gal Gadot was not the problem with WW1984. The problems with that movie was almost exactly the same fucking problems as TROS: a film that comes off as though behind-the-scenes fuckery was forcing them to frankenstein a script together out of scraps and pieces that didn't actually go together, and a film that is shockingly racist and sexist for a franchise nakedly aimed at progressive [audience]s.

    The difference, of course, is that WW1984's racism and sexism are the result of the filmmakers' having a fundamentally wrongheaded perception/perspective about how the world works, whereas TROS is racist and sexist because [Disney/Lucasfilm executives] wanted to pander to disgusting cishet white women and the 21st-Century-Nazis who bitched and screamed at the possibility of an interracial couple existing in Star Wars. Or, in stupid people terms, TROS was malicious cowardice on top of being a badly-made movie, whereas WW1984 was just shameful incompetence."

    1:24:25 when the FUCK will Batgirl leak? 🤬
    1:24:55 DCEU: [is literally on fucking fire] Millionaire Superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: "ok but when do i get to be black adam thou?"
    1:38:42 crikey, a fucking decade of this. This makes me feel old.
    2:02:20 Oh? I actually didn't miss out on anything important by not seeing Shazam! 2 fast enough (read: at all)? Oh cool! Still kinda wanna watch Black Adam at some point, though… AND BATGIRL; RELEASE THE LEAK ALREADY YOU EXECUTIVE HACKS–!!! [I am forcibly dragged away from the premises kicking and screaming]
    2:08:15 I'd say you mostly succeeded, even if only in the sense of "hey let's walk down memory lane a bit!"
    2:10:55 "If we're doing more of these, they better mean something." 💯

  9. bob, i know showing clips of the alt right people spewing their nonsense proves your point on their idiocy but honestly we don't need to see prolonged clips of them. We all already know the crap they say without needing to see 30sec examples of it. Mention them when youre stating a point but we don't need to see them…

  10. The dceu had very little decent ideas. All they had going in was 'be different to marvel' while trying to make marvel money and copy the homework of the dark knight' onto characters that don't fit that tone. Ofc course they were going to fail. Synder was a horrible choice for a universe that should have been focused on hope and light heartedness and the studios insistence on trying to make everything batman when most mainstream DC heroes are far more inline with a superman tone just showed they didn't understand DC at all. Birds of prey, wonder woman 1, shazam 1 (haven't seen the second), THE suicide squad and peacemaker were the only decent things from the dceu and even then they were weighed down by the crap of man of steel, bvs, justice league etc.

    Also you know a property has problems when they attract the most toxic type of fan boys I.e the ALT right, the types of guys that usually are subscribed to alt right youtube channels like nerdrotic and sargon, critical drinker, shoeonhead etc or just straight up have their subscribes hidden because they know its a sure tell of their neo nazi views. Even synder himself had to come out saying he doesn't share the views of those creeps because so much of them attached themselves to decu.

  11. ZSJL felt like something borne from recalcitrance and post hoc scrambling desperation. The Manhunter reveal is kinda stupid and makes the prior movies worse imo