Lapillus ‘GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2’ ASMR UNBOXING (한국어.ver)


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26 thoughts on “Lapillus ‘GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2’ ASMR UNBOXING (한국어.ver)

  1. 😘日本語字幕、ありがとう。0:46 ハウンはボールを右手で投げるけど、随所で両利き手の感じがする。🤔

    (한국어 번역)😘일본어 자막 고마워요. 임하은이는 공을 오른손으로 던지는데 곳곳에서 양손잡이 느낌이 난다.🤔

  2. Of the three pairs, I think that Bessie and Haeun understand unboxings the best and ASMR the least, which made this a thoroughly entertaining video. Great job, girls! ❤

  3. When they put the stickers on their clothes maybe they could also make cute pins from the stickers!!! Ah!!! That haeun sticker looks so cutie as a pin on clothes or bags!!!! MLD i hope you see this comment ❤❤❤