Joker vs Yu Narukami (Persona 5 vs Persona 4 battle)

Joker from Persona 5 versus Yu Narukami from Persona 4, a very even battle. Let me know who you think wins, and also any battles you want me to edit!

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49 thoughts on “Joker vs Yu Narukami (Persona 5 vs Persona 4 battle)

  1. Joker can use Yu's persona and jokers version of the different persona which id the personas ending with picaro are even stronger than the original joker wins

  2. Yu wining fests no shit man literally saves the world three times twice from mad god like beings and stops three mad men one of which manipulated him, his team, his town and the entire police force and almost got away with it and beat Margaret solo who is arguably the most powerful of the velvet siblings her only potential rival being her sister Elizabeth all in the course of a year plus the events of both the arena games yea of course Yu wins feats

  3. Leadership definitely goes to joker, as infiltrating the palaces and stealing the treasure was far more complex in P5 than P4's palaces, Also isn't Satanieal more powerful than Izanagi-No-Okami because of all of the planets inhabitants believing in joker? Joker has more games so experience would go to him as well. Yu in just being a swordsman would have more power and in tanking izanami's attack he wins in the durability department as well. As for strategy Joker LITERALLY escaped certain death by outsmarting the genius detective AND is able to exploit bosses weaknesses to male them cake walks, as compared to Yu just beating them the normal way.

  4. Ima just say that Akira is stronger than Yu. Mostly because of the scale of feats. Akira defeated Yaldabaoth (twice, in main story and strikers both whom were different versions of god) and then he defeated Azathoth and Adam Kadmon (one was an outer god and the other is the persona of Maruki who is classified as the “perfect” man) is more adept at making plans and strategies. Not to mention that in P5 personas had traits thus making them far stronger than the average persona that Yu can use (I’m pretty sure Yu can’t use traits) thus making their personas stronger on average. And in strikers Akira can take down hordes of shadows with ease. Also in persona tactica there’s probably gonna be another OP villain he’s gonna fight. (Also not to mention he’s been fucking isekai’d in crossovers lmao but that’s not fair lol)

    Yu defeated Izanami and the villain in ultimax (with Adachi) and is a pretty good close-combat specialist. Myriad truths is pretty good but overall his personas should be weaker than Akira’s since he doesn’t have traits and if they were going to go against each other then I refuse to believe that they wouldn’t have revival skills or traits in Akira’s case.

    If we’re talking about if canonically Myriad Truths is better than Sinful Shell then I’d honestly say that Sinful Shell is better since it’s a heavy almighty that targets everyone whilst Sinful Shell is probably a single target almighty attack that is above heavy. In terms of power I’d assume Sinful Shell is better since it’s the power of all seven sins whilst Myriad Truth’s power comes from the banishment of all the world’s curses and falsehoods which falls in line with the seven deadly sins (via Sloth for falsehoods or wrath for curses). In other words if it was in gameplay then Sinful Shell would be stronger.

    I might also be biased towards Akira btw as I know more about him.

    If we were going to follow this skill system that this short is about then:

    Persona: Akira/Ren, his personas are stronger on average (due to traits) and his ultimate probably has a stronger attack.

    IQ: Yu Narukami, this is because IQ actually tests adaptation to society instead your actual intellectual capabilities and Akira is quite literally an outcast.

    Speed/Agility: Akira, he is by far the most agile protagonist we’ve gotten so far from movements and so on.

    Durability: Yu Narukami, goes to him since he’s more of a close-combat fighter.

    Battle IQ: Akira, this would actually be the adaptation to battle if we are to take the IQ part seriously. Akira is more used to ambushing and using underhanded tactics.

    Power: Akira, comparing ultimates between Yu and Akira would go to Akira’s favour since his bullet contains the seven deadly sins which encapsulate Myriad Truth’s qualities to banish curses and falsehoods by the sins associated with them.

    Gun Skill: Akira. In smash: Gun!!!

    Experience: Akira, he has more sequels (not to mention the isekai’s which I am not gonna count) and has gone multiple times into cognitive worlds to continue his adventure whilst Narukami goes through P4 and Ultimax. Akira also travels Mementos which is far more accessible to gain experience than Yu who has to reenter dungeons.

    Persona Skill: Akira, he can literally wipe hordes out in P5S with personas and make usually one target attacks into multi-targets.

    Feats: Akira, Izanami’s plan was pretty mediocre in comparison to Yaldabaoth who ducking took over the Velvet Room and practically orchestrated Akira’s entire suffering to begin playing him like a fool by manipulating things to constantly be against his favour whilst Yu had a simpler time at it without much interference from Izanami who just wanted to mist the world.

    Stamina: Yu Narukami, I’d actually place Narukami over Akira in this by the fact that even when Narukami was spent against Izanami he kept going. Akira did do a similar feat too however Akira wasn’t alone and was being cheered on.

    Abilities: Akira, Joker also has Third Eye and mad stealth skills. Combat skills is about equal to Yu thought if it’s made by Atlus.

    Better Leader: Akira. In terms of the capacity to be a leader through intelligence and strategies and making plans and knowing when to switch out then I’d say Akira. Yu got the charisma but I seriously do not believe he’s as good as Akira.

    Hax: Akira, he was wiped from existence but still survived since cognition of his other self existed. Then he harvested the people’s faith. He overturned a “game” that was literally rigged from the start and get-go to make him lose (he couldn’t even make as much friends in school like Narukami). Defeat Maruki’s Persona that had the power of “actualisation” that basically made him stupidly OP but Maruki respected him enough not to abuse it. Then in strikers he can use single target attacks on multiple people, beat Yaldabaoth II. (Then he gets Isekai’d in numerous crossovers like even in the NieR Gachagame lmfao and Granblue Fantasy) Now he’s got another sequel to his name.

    Strategy: Akira

    Winner: Akira

    Although please note that I haven’t mentioned much about Marie in Golden who didn’t really mean much other than the fact that Yu and Co. Could go against her with nothing but their personas and a couple of items. And note that I haven’t mentioned the Blazblue game that included Yu either. I mostly based this off games in which Persona protags were the MCs hence I didn’t include the times when they were isekai’d. Also didn’t mention PQ but that’s mostly because they were all made to be equal so it didn’t really matter much.

    Also: is it me but are some of these categories just so repetitive?

    Edit: Also, Minato Arisato solos both of them.

  5. Feats goes to narukami!?!? Joker literally killed a god and saved the world, took down a corrupt polotician that would have destroyed Japan and stopped maruki from making literally everybody in the world his puppet. Narukami cleared up some bad weather

  6. I'm gonna go through a deep dive of this:
    Persona is hard to justify; Arsene is more powerful than Izanagi, he just has more potential and even his default moves vary across multiple elements. However, lore wise, it's hard to argue between Izanagi-No-Okami and Satanael. Satanael. It's a hard to distinguish, but I'm going to give it to Izanagi-No-Okami. So it's a tie, but I'll give it to Yu for the benefit of the doubt.
    IQ is difficult, but I'd give it to Yu. Considering his investigative skills and general IQ. It's a good argument considering Joker's negotiation skills but I'll still give it to Yu.
    Speed and agility is Joker, demonstrated through multiple things; dashing, grappling, hiding, and his amazing acrobatic skills. So that goes to him.
    Durability is hard to define, Yu managed to withstand Izanami's final attack, with the power of his friends mind you. Whereas Joker withstood Shido's shockwave attack, even though none of his party members could. So I'd give that one to Joker because of his sheer grit and the fact that he did that on his own.
    Battle IQ is definitely Joker. It may be a bit unfair seeing as Persona 5 has many more rules and the characters are just generally more powerful, but it still goes to him. Also, all social links and confidants are canon; so Joker's shogi lessons with Hifumi are definitely canon, and those lessons will further his battle IQ.
    Power is arguable, but I'll give it to Yu, following the Persona category. Seeing as he wields a katana also implies that he's probably better in terms of physical strength.
    Gun skill is a stupid category in and of itself, but it goes to Joker, obviously.
    Experience goes to Joker. I'll go with the amount of games and the total time that they have with their powers. Joker has Persona 5/Royal, Persona 5 Strikers/Scramble, Persona Q, Persona Q2. Yu has Persona 4, Persona 4 Arena, Ultimax, and the Persona Q Games. Yu has one more game, however, Joker has more time, and more use of his personas. Persona 5 has the same length as 4, however, Royal would throw a wrench in that argument, so I'll give Joker more experience. Strikers canonically takes place over a full summer vacation a year after the original game's events, and the P4A games take place a few months after 4, and canonically it takes place over a shorter length of time. And the Persona Q games are equal for the both of them. Joker wins that one.
    Persona skill is Joker, he can hold more, use more complex systems with them, and generally have more potential.
    Feats is Joker. (I'm only going through their original games) He takes down 9 (10 if you include royal, plus I'm also including Akechi) bosses and puts in the extra effort of sparing all but 2 of them. (Those being Cognitive Wakaba, and Yaldabaoth), whilst Yu fights 11 (12 if you're counting Golden), and canonically his team struggles to barely even last a long enough time for the other characters to accept their shadows. Don't forget the stuff that I stated in the Durability section.
    Stamina is Joker, considering his speed and agility he needs more stamina to do those things.
    Abilities is Joker, he just generally has more abilities. Thanks to the powers of the metaverse and his personas.
    Better leader is arguable, but it probably goes to Joker. Considering the Velvet Room sequence, and he generally spends more time with his party members than Yu does.
    Hax is once again Joker. My abilities section should explain this one properly.
    Strategy is Joker, considering the Hold-Ups and more.
    Final Stats:
    Joker: 10
    Yu: 3
    Fight me.

  7. As much as I like Yu more than Joker, joker has better feats. Yu’s best feat is killing izanami which isn’t even canon since it’s in golden, which also makes Izanagi no Okami non canon in p4 verse. Meanwhile Satanael is canon, and while marukis world may not be canon since it’s Royal, he still has feats that bend reality.

  8. I feel like battle iq, experience, and better leader all go to joker, I've played 4 and 5, battle iq should be obvious, I'd say experience as the thieves have to map out entire palaces during their infiltration and deal with whatever shadows come their way and I'd also argue palaces are alot more dangerous than dungeons, as for better leader, iirc which i could be wrong but canonically when joker gives instructions to the party it happens in like under a real life, second with words alone Joker was able to reignite the will of his entire team and return back to the fused world after they were all wiped from existence as well as break everyone out of their perfect reality simply by casually talking to them, I won't start trying to argue power levels or anything cuz its been a while since I've played both but anyway those are my thoughts.

  9. I wanna say one thing, speed and agility are NOT the same thing, they are similar but not identical, You can be super fast but rather sloppy, and you can also be super agile but not that fast, look at what happens when Kratos meets Hermes in GoW 3, Hermes outmatched Kratos in speed but he was not agile enough to maneuver and dodge the giant rock that Kratos threw at him. Also Dante is not that fast, yes, he is faster than a regular human but he can still be outmatched, the reason why he can't be hit is because he's so damn agile. These two criteria are almost always increasing in parallel, but they are not the same, thus you cannot count them as 1 singular point, that's 1 point for speed and another for agility