Joker Folie à Deux predictions

Hey everyone! Welcome back to your Resident Nerdy Girl channel. Returning with a great video on Joker 2 and if we should expect a success or wreck. Leave a comment down below on your thoughts and any other video’s you’d like to see!

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2 thoughts on “Joker Folie à Deux predictions

  1. One insteresting info is that the first Joker movie shooting was labeled as "Romeo" and "surprisingly" during the Joker 2, we've seen many info papers in the set labeled as "Juliet"… that makes me think that Todd probably thought about a sequel even before the first film started shooting. And if we go by how Romeo and Juliet tragedy is about, we probably have a little "spoiler".

  2. FINALLY someone else agrees that Gaga can be a great Harley. You are one of the first people I’ve heard that is excited about Gaga as Harley Quinn. I wish more people would open there minds, watch the clips of Gaga singing on set, and see her potential. No, she isn’t Margret Robby but Lady Gaga can pull it off in her own amazing way. My thoughts are that I’ve been excited about this since I saw the cover and title of the screenplay. SO MANY PEOPLE doubted the first Joker and Todd and Joaquin proved them wrong. So I would think others would have an open mind about this one because they proved themselves before. And YES, when I first heard it was going to be a musical I was nervous and dumbfounded, to say the least. But I kept reminding myself that Todd and Joaquin wouldn’t do this if they didn’t have something amazing up there sleeves.
    Also, keep in mind, we don’t know if this is an illusion or not. It could be all a fantasy in his head. Everyone else in the scene sees a man acting out but in his (and now I think her head) it’s romanticized. So the musical aspect is in his head. Just as he danced happily down the stairs with that fire up song in the first one. In this one he sees it as a romantic bliss.