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In images provided by Daily Mail, Phoenix can be seen in his full Joker costume and makeup as he poses for still photos as the Clown Prince of Crime. Fans have gotten one final glimpse of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker, as filming on the project has reportedly wrapped. That’s because Joaquin Phoenix just performed one of the most iconic roles of his entire career. The film stars Phoenix as the Joker, a.k.a. Beetz can be seen walking down the stairs with a small child, as Phoenix lurks at the top of the stairway. Aside from Phoenix, Zazie Beetz was cast as Sophie Dumond, and Robert De Niro was cast as the character Murray Franklin. He also posed on a steep set of stairs as his character’s alter ego Arthur Fleck, as well as for a scene involving Beetz’s character. Arthur Fleck, and is being directed by Todd Phillips, best known for his comedic work.

It’s long been rumored Ray Porter had completed voice work for the character, until the villain was abandoned, along with a few other characters, in Joss Whedon’s theatrical cut. Becoming the best of the best will take some doing, and whether you choose the path of a righteous hero or a despicable villain, you’ll still need to work your way up from the ground floor. In a DC Comics Black Label graphic novel, Batman’s rogues gallery are grounded in reality, with costumes that resemble director Christopher Nolan’s take on the villains of Gotham City. Upon returning to Gotham City in the present era, the Joker extracted Fisherman before he could be arrested in Atlantis. The set design of 80’s Gotham is a bleak, dirty, violent mass with a plague of ‘super rats’ due to the rich not helping or funding the cleaning of the sewers. This Riddler has a costume similar to the traditional spandex, but with a much more modern design on the upper torso, joker costume sporting more purple. It’s not clear to audiences what the motivation is for the weirdly purple hair and eye make up.

This Joker costume comes with a bright pinstriped purple jacket, matching pants, joker persona 5 cosplay and a stylized green tie. With the gritty approach Phillips seems to be bringing to the film, it makes sense that Joker might be rated R. Many people are speculating that Joker will help Warner Bros. In just under two months, Warner Bros. From thematic and story perspective the film does lean and borrow heavily from ‘The King Of Comedy’ & ‘Taxi Driver’ (two great films to be inspired by) and is a definite slow burn which I do appreciate in my films, this does at times mean some scenes go on a bit too long and there are few that are slightly repetitive. Regardless of whatever loose change Two-Face carries around in his pockets, Batman and Joker will always be the two sides of the same coin. In 1966, 20th Century Fox Television debuted with a new series about the superhero Batman. Fans were provided with the chance to meet Cary Elwes from The Princess Bride, Nikolai Nikolaeff, best known for his role as Vladimir Ranskahov from Marvel/Netflix television series Daredevil and Aly Michalka from iZombie. The slow-burn tension leads to a series of brutal moments in which Arthur pulls the trigger on that gun, often in that deranged clown makeup.

Joker and Harley Quinn are forever the Clown Prince and the Clown Princess of Crime, the Killer Clowns! A Stripped-Down Serial Killer: The more disturbing version of his outfit came up in “Batman R.I.P” when in the finale, he turned his killer mode on and wore nothing but suspenders and pinstriped pants. Each adaption of the character tends to have their own unique style, and Joker seems to be no exception, with possible inspirations drawn from serial killer John Wayne Gacy and Heath Ledger’s version of the character. While Leto may not be done with the villain role just yet, Phoenix’s take on the Joker seems to be much more popular with comic book fans. ‘Joker’ is a game-changer within the comic book genre. Thousands of cosplay fans turned out dressed to the nines for the first day of New York Comic Con on Thurssday. I purchased a prosthetic scar at a costume store which was filled with safety pins that I took out. Originally inspired by actor Arleen Sorkin, Harley Quinn wore a traditional jester outfit as she took on the role of a henchwoman, but she quickly got fans’ attention.

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