Joker 2 Filming Lady Gaga Harley Quinn, Live Action Moana Movie, Disney Shareholder Meeting 2023

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29 thoughts on “Joker 2 Filming Lady Gaga Harley Quinn, Live Action Moana Movie, Disney Shareholder Meeting 2023

  1. Grace: 'I hope Harley Quinn isn't the focus of the Joker movie' wtf it's Lady Gaga, how can she NOT be the focus??? If you have Gaga she's automatically the focus, if they didn't want her to be the focus then they shouldn't have put her in a Joker movie and just made a Harley Quinn movie…man DC is a mess. 95% of people going to that film are going to see Gaga as Harley Quinn. There's already been a Joker movie, just doing the same movie again with yet another Joker isn't interesting.

  2. I also didnt care for the Joker look until i saw the movie and loved it, people need to just wait and see how she will be in the movie..who am i kidding though right?

  3. I definitely feel like Dwayne Johnson had something to do with this remake being in works and he wants a big comeback after the fail that was Black Adam.
    I don’t understand why Disney would remake live action Moana especially this early

  4. I dont get what is wrong with people Grace, Gaga is phenomenal..Margot Robbie is a better looking woman but that doesnt have any effect on an actors performance…I dont personally like this GaGa look for Harley but she is an incredible actress, a force of nature and i imagine she will make this work and blow us away. I do agree too these outfits are not asthetically pleasing for the male gaze but i dont care, this look works for this type of film. I am a massive Margot Robbie Harley fan(although Birds of Prey was crap) and i think she could still work in a lighter hearted DCU Gunn movie but i am so hyped for this, its such a different style of movie, its like compari g Apples and Oranges..My issue is i dont like musicals but i am hoping its sparing and works for the story…

  5. Bill Skarsgard's Marquis De Gramont is what a great villain is all about 😂. Million dollar paintings on the wall, spotless white suit, legs crossed, on a luxury sofa 😂. Butler hands him the telephone, hired thugs do the dirty work 😂